Steam Engine Desalination. Solar Fire Distillery.

Boil water using a steam engine on the beach using driftwood. Use the torque from the steam engine to power a water pump. Pump Ocean water thru a black pipe in a mirrored mylar reflector to change seawater into H20+NaCl. Output: Big Puffy Clouds Of Steam and concentrated salt water containing trace elements.

Output: Big Puffy Clouds of Steam
H20 and NaCl

WaterFX has created a solar-powered desalination system to treat agricultural drainage that is not only benign from an energy standpoint, but also leaves the agricultural environment in better shape.
Solar Fire Distillery...
Changes Any Water into Pure H2O and other volitile gasses...
NaCl or any other solids...


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Let's Create Pure H2O using Solar Fire

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Solar Fire Desalinization Factories:

Change Seawater into Steam 

and NaCl + Trace Elements.

Pen Drawings on Maps of California and Utah

Sonya Sophia led a healing ceremony for 100 people in Utah at the Rainbow Gathering. Very powerful positive message guided meditation. Draw a question mark on your face, ask a question. For Example: "What is my Divine Purpose?" TAP your third eye lightly and focus attention.