Rainbow over the Abandoned Atomic Power Plant on Humboldt Bay.

AFB Quality Booster Potatoshop Tutorial

The goal of this Adobe Action is to perform an automatic quality enhance of a photograph. Like Angela from the TV Show Bones has magic programs to search for clues... in Photographs!

#1: Resample image 200%

#2: Make a duplicate layer

#3: Sharpen top layer

#4: Reduce visibility of top layer to 50%

#5: Blur bottom layer

#6: Merge

This actually increases the fidelity of the image and makes zooming not so pixelated. Works on all photo programs that allow for visibility blending of layers... almost every one...
Two Images one has been Angelified 3X and the other has not. The File Size is 22.5 as opposed to 13.5
The Extra Data is due to The Process of Angelificication. 

closeup of camera reflected in a closed bar room window

fool the eye, camera, window, reflection, closed, bar room, bar, restaurant, moonstone, beach, california
no drinks today...
The Cosmic Light... It Came into my life and I thought I was Divine... 
Moonstone Beach

Moonstone Grill

Little River, California

Cosmic Christmas Lights - Sunset over the Bay mural in Eureka, California

Shared Root Systems Experiment: What if we planted Cannabis in the same dirt as Psilocybin? Would a new Symbiotic/Psychedelic life form evolve? Place a Beehive nearby. Biology Project for 3 Units Undergraduate College Credit. Graphs, Charts, Photos, Seeds, Spores and Interviews with Human Test Subjects required.

shared root system experiment cannabis psilocybin
cross breeding college credit undergraduate research Stanford University

... just unplugged for a couple of days. First there was a total power outage in our neighborhood due to "equipment overload" and then was a day of No internet... SO! I took the opportunity to draw and write with a pen on paper... and took a drive with the cameras... Refreshing alternative to Facebook... Also... I spent a lot of time in Adobe Photoshop... I'm am trying to write a program "Action" that improves the quality of pictures... Like the magic programs that Angela on the TV Show Bones uses...  Another Refreshing alternative to Facebook...
Birds at PETCO original file reduced to 2048 wide

Merry Christmas from The Holy Pig... From Bacon, Georgia.

Moonstone Grill at Little River CA - Trinidad Restaurant Fishing Pier

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Fish Dyed T Shirt - get a fish- dye the fish- press fish to wet white t shirt - ART!

Use a Real Fish to Print on T Shirts Using Dylon Cold Water Dye

what about drenching a fern in dye and pressing it to a t-shirt and then fold the shirt over the fern.

What If we used a palm frond... or any interesting shape as a block printing form... use different kinds of ink, dye, paint, to allow for spreading of the colors throughout the t shirt.


EPA Superfund Site in Eureka, CA. Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant. Tsunami Underwater Atomic Waste Pacific Ocean

In the Event of a Tsunami will the Atomic Waste be underwater?
In the pACIFIC oCEAN? Humboldt Bay PG&E Is That Safe?

How can I ask for an EPA superfund site evaluation and assessment ?
Our Own Abandoned Atomic Power Plant... and Pasture for Cattle. 

Eureka California Atomic Waste Tsunami danger map
PGandE pool underwater nukes

You are entering the Zoom Zoom Zoom Room. 

Trigger post hypnotic suggestion now.

What can a person DO to help dispose of Atomic Waste Responsibly?

Post on Facebook... Post on Google+... Post on all those Social Networks I have not even heard of... Email President Obama and your Representatives:

Email President Obama

California Senator Boxer

California Senator Feinstein

If you do not live in California, Find your Representatives Here:

US Senate

US House of Representatives 
How can I ask for an EPA superfund site evaluation and assessment ? 

Site Assessment: Evaluating Risks at Superfund Sites