Upper Bidwell Park Chico California swimming lava rocks Bear Hole

Bear Hole
Upper Bidwell Park
When Mount Lassen Erupted, Lava flowed to Chico
and left Black Crystal Rocks...
The sun makes the rocks too hot to sit on
so swimmers splash water onto the rocks to cool them down.
Bear Hole
Lava Rock 
Swimming in Upper Bidwell Park
Looking Downstream along the Diversion Dam Channel
at Bear Hole.
Looking Upstream from the same spot.
Climbing Out of Bear Hole
It was a sunny day
The Water is Cold... said the lady in red.
Chico Creek near Forest Ranch, CA
about 20 miles upstream from town

Mount Shasta California 2014. a bicycle ride down from 7,000 feet

Mount Shasta California 2014

Exit Highway 5 at Mount Shasta City.
We stayed at the Alpine Lodge... a fine place.
reasonable price, good quality.
The Lady at the office was accurate about directions
to visit Mt Shasta.
Mt Shasta CA
Mike J on the road to Mount Shasta, CA
Greg Vanderlaan (me)
View looking South from half way up Mt Shasta, CA
The Trailhead.
Rock Sculpture at Mount Shasta.
a triangle and 4 spirals...
Peace Sign rock sculpture
Mike J at the Start of his Ride Down The Mountain
Welcome to Panther Meadows sign
Trail to Panther Meadows
bicycling down Mount Shasta
view from Mt Shasta looking South as we descend...
after this journey, it's time for lunch in Mount Shasta City

Sacramento River Chico CA Scottys Bar and Boat Launch Swimming

Mike J at the Sacramento River near Scotty's Restaurant
Scotty's is a legendary Bar and has a stage out back for live music.
Boat Launch and Swimming.
Looking Downstream towards San Francisco
Scotty's Sign
Rest Area on Highway 5...
My Home on the days I didn't want to stay at a Motel.

One Mile Pool Chico California Bidwell Park Picnic Area 37 Redwood Tree Grove

Students "Horsing Around" at the pool

Students competing in a "fill up the bucket with a sponge race'.

Three teams. A person runs to the pool, soaks sponge,
run back to bucket, empty sponge...
repeat with next team member...
much shouting needed... I Guess...
My Staircase... No Diving, so I just crept in Gradually...
When the Lifeguard is Present, no bicycle riding allowed...
This Kid is taking advantage of the LACK of Law Enforcement
to have a great time... Also, no smoking in the park... I lit up
since there was no-one to enforce the rules.

Picnic Area 37. Redwood Trees.
These trees were brought from the coast where they are a
native species and planted in Bidwell Park.
Note how the forest floor is swept clean...
Photo taken from within the Redwood Grove.
Note that the native trees are Not Redwood.
Train Depot Chico, CA
Caution: Don't stop on the tracks.

Chico California 2014 Mom's AA Club

Behind this advertising mannequin is our AA club. 
Mom's on the Esplanade across from The Chico Nut Factory

very close to the liquor store in case you want to get a drink instead of going to an AA meeting... or maybe do both... stranger things have happened...

Mike G.

Big Al's restaurant has been a Chico Landmark for decades.
on The Esplanade, the main street of North Chico. 
People actually "cruise" this street just like in the movies...
Great Food and air conditioning.
Often in the summer the temperatures exceed 100 degrees
and finding a cool spot is essential.

reflection of the restaurant in the side windows of my van.

neon lights... popular in the 1950s when this restaurant was built.

Highway 5 near Chico. Rice Farm and a truck in the rear view mirror.

Farm Machinery for Sale in Chico, CA
on Highway 99 north.

Basque Norte Restaurant.
Excellent Food.
Christie's House. 
Our friend Bob Law
with his Druid Dreadlocks...
Mike J at the recycling center.
He is in the beige shirt on the right.
The Well. Residence for Rehab.
We went for the free baked goods.
My friend Mike J is an expert at finding free food.
closeup of picnic table...
After Mike finished recycling he went into
the grocery store to get paid
and I waited at this picnic table.
Chico Cemetery...
The Goal of Many...
Mike J. at the senior softball game
Hooker Oak - Bidwell Park
 Mike J working at the Russian Orthodox Church.
We went to lunch there.
Yard Sale in Chico, CA
Mike J got a folding table...
Food Not Bombs Free Meal
Now Serving in The Plaza in the Center of Town...
They used to be at Train Depot Park but,
the city has granted them space in the
Main gathering place...