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Overnight Camping Prohibited Sign UPROOTED by Vandals.
No Camping where posted... Well, It's Not Posted NOW!
Power to the People, Right ON! - John Lennon

Signs... They are everywhere. 

The Trains were abandoned years ago...
Not economical to ship freight or passengers anymore.

Ship used in the Movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean"

Like any third world country, Humboldt Nation is exporting
entire trees to be sawed into boards in China, where they
are building houses. We have an excess of houses here due to
foreclosures, lack of jobs and environmental destruction.
It seems as if Countryside was NOT on our side. 

Boats 4 Rent

More Boats 4 Rent

Working Fishing Boat

L-R: Humboldt County Library, Tall Ship, Carson Mansion, Tall Ship

Quoth the Raven... Nevermore

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Battle of Los Angeles 1942 - American History

The USA was Actually Invaded in 1942
and the US Military Opened Fire with Overwhelming Force.
This Really Happened and We WON. Good Job America!
Read More at The LA Times:
This was not a Fake Incident like the Gulf of Tonkin. This was not like Pearl Harbor where we had Advance Warning that The Japanese were going to bomb Hawaii. This was not like when we had 'Intelligence' Reports predicting that Osama bin Laden was going to attack the USA... There were No Emergency Evacuation Drills like The National Reconnaissance Office had on 9/11/2001 to practice what to do if someone flew an airplane into their building. There were no mysteries like how the BBC knew in advance that WTC7 was going to collapse.

Battle of Los Angeles
Source: LA Times 2/26/1942
Battle of Los Angeles

As the LA Times reported: On Feb. 25, 1942: Searchlights converge on an unknown object in the skies over Los Angeles. During the early morning air-raid alert, more than 1,400 anti-aircraft shells are fired.

The incident, now referred to as the Battle of L.A., occurred less than three months after the Pearl Harbor attack and two days after a Japanese submarine shelled an oil facility near Santa Barbara.

The next day, on Feb. 26, The  Times published a photo page. 

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Thousands of people saw this event. 
How could anyone not notice 1,400 artillery shells and searchlights... 

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Jenna Marbles for President. At Least she's Not Hillary or JEB... or a Koch Sucker.

at least she's not Hillary
The Time has come for a Leader from Generations X, Y or Z to step forward...
OK, if not Jenna N. Mourey, WHO?

Jenna Marbles for President

There is a Facebook Community dedicated to this...
and another one spelled different...
and a pinterest page...

anyone but a baby boomer
Marbles, Don't Do It... Don't Vote For The Elderly.

It is difficult to think of the name of anyone else from the younger generations... However these names come to mind...  Matt Groening, Mark Zuckerberg, Stephen Hillenburg, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Larry Page and Sergey Brin...
Generation X, Y or Z leader
Was Zoiberg named for Mark Zuckerberg?

Slewfoot Saves the Day - Final Project for Cultural Anthropology 306 HSU

behind the music Antho 306 HSU

The Lost Fest was an event that was held at the Mouth of the Mattole river on BLM land. The promoters did not obtain a permit for the festival and a half hour after the first band started playing, the rangers shut it down. All amplified electric instruments were banned and the rangers said that they would confiscate the equipment if the performers played... As luck would have it, the Slewfoot string Band uses acoustic instruments which are permitted in BLM Campgrounds. They set up next to their van and performed their entire set. They were the only band to play... 200 people in the audience had fun instead of being bummed out. Then the party moved to the beach for a GIANT bonfire... BIG FUN!

Questions for the band:
Q:All original music? or "covers" of traditional tunes?
A: All original "Slewgrass"... our own music... This allows us to play songs that fall outside of the strict formal rules if bluegrass. Improvisation is encouraged...
Q: Drums? Isn't that breaking the rules of bluegrass?
A: That's what makes us unique! And he plays the SOUP Kettle TOO! The porchboard is an electric instrument that simulated a bass drum. It allows quiet bass drum sound so that it does not overpower the rest of the band. Nathan uses brushes on his snare...
Q: Do you tour?
A: We have traveled as far as Louisiana and Texas. We tried to play on the streets of Las Vegas but the fires in Los Angeles put so much smoke in the air that we couldn't breathe... Nobody was outside to be the audience because it was so miserable... Q: Hobby or Pro?
A: We all have jobs or go to school or both. We do get paid for performing and sell CD's... The bass player is moving to Olympia, Washington to work at a shipyard there.
Q: Where can I buy a record?
A: On-line at or at our April 16th show at the Alibi in Arcata
Q: How did you learn to play music?
A: We are all self taught, it's taking us awhile but we're playing so much these days it coming along much faster. Q: Why bluegrass instead of punk, rap or opera?
A: I don't exactly know, however, acoustics as proven at the lost fest, are convenient and playable in most environments.
Q: Do you play weddings?
A: We have played a wedding in the past so I don't see why not.
Q: Are these questions really annoying and lame?
A: Annoying and lame would be answering questions about day jobs! Music is my passion.
Q: Where did you meet and what is the history of the band?
A: I have known Jake-o and Nathan for at least 10 years from the Valley. I met Chris at a bluegrass jam in old town Six Rivers 3 years ago. We met Arek at the same Jam 2 years later. That bluegrass jam no longer exists, too bad, every now and then I think it would be fun to meet a good fiddle player.
Q: Who are your Idols?
A: My Idols include: Dwight Yoakam, Jerry Garcia, and Earl Scruggs.
Q: Ever visit Virginia or Tennessee?
A: Not yet. Q: Any tales of the Road?
A: Ask Jake-0 for the lyrics to West Texas Breakdown, 90 percent of it's true. Almost every show on the road has had a significant story. I wouldn't mind telling in person as typing for me is somewhat difficult.
My recollections... by gregvan

Behind the Music with the Slewfoot String Band.
Our anthropology class visits the band in their garage for a practice and then again at a performance at the AA Bar and Grill.
What started out to be homework turned out to be a lot of fun! These guys are great...

We went on a Thursday night to Manila to their practice room that was equipped with a recording studio, comfy couch, refrigerator and all their instruments. There were five people in the band and four students. The goal of the practice was to rehearse for shows that weekend and discuss band business. I was impressed with the quality of the recording equipment. They put their music directly onto a compact disk. Jay handled all the mixing and recording tasks. They used some rather expensive looking microphones and the bass player had a pickup attached to his standup bass. All the instruments were acoustic except for the drummer's bass drum. This is a unique board that he steps on to make a drum sound thru an electronic amplifier. He says that the volume is better controlled on this device called a porchboard so that he can play it without overwhelming the rest of the band. The style of music is generally classified as bluegrass but they sing all original music. One song caught my fancy because of its rhythm. The song 429 my 69 is a classic automobile song that perks along in the style of Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody until it gets to the chorus. Then it has this beat that goes one, two, three, pause one, TWO, three... I don't know the official time signature of this beat but it GETS YOUR ATTENTION. A lot of bluegrass bands try to recreate the classic sound of famous bands. Jake says that the rigid structure of having rules inhibits him and so they don't go in that direction. This frees up the performers to improvise and blaze their own trails. The result is called "Slewgrass" and it is all their own. It is rare for a bluegrass band to have a drummer at all but Nate is an interesting addition. He uses brushes on a snare drum and an overturned soup kettle. Since we were able to see these fellows really close, the motion of the brushes was visible. In some songs he moves the brush in a circle around the head of the snare drum to create a swooshing sound.

Chris plays the dobro which is a guitar that is laid on his lap horizontally and played with a slide. That allows him to create all possible pitches... The standared notes we are familiar with plus all the ones in between. Later in the evening, Jay played the dobro and it became apparent that selecting the exact pitch that is in tune with the rest of the players is tricky. The strings are about 3/8 of an inch above the fretboard. It uses a special type of capo that holds the strings at that precise height. Jay and Jake do most of the singing and guitar playing. Jay also played the banjo.

Between songs the band discussed the question about what to do about the bass player that was moving to Olympia to work in the shipyards. Chris was of the opinion that they should actively recruit another player but Jay felt that they should wait until the right player appeared without forceful searching by the band. He felt that a zen approach would yield a better result. While they were waiting for a bass player to appear they should continue performing and split the money four ways instead of five. As long as the people in the audience has fun, he felt that a bass player was not crucial. They all agreed that no matter what happened, they would continue to play gigs...

The tale of the Helper Monkeys. A band that they knew had all their equipment stolen from the room that they used for practice. It appeared to be an inside job because there was no sign of forced entry. Someone had a key... This band had been practicing in the same room for decades and hundreds of people have visited... There was no way to figure out which of the visitors were the bad guys... It appeared to be disaster for the band because they would have to play benefit concerts to buy equipment but they couldn't play concerts because they had no equipment... Catch 22... A couple of days later, we found out that the members of the band called every pawn shop and music store in the area and asked the employees to be on the lookout for someone trying to sell the stolen gear. An alert employee got a phone call asking about the possibility of selling used gear and they said: Sure, come on down! The thieves loaded all the equipment into the store to sell it and the employee gave them a choice, We know that all this is owned by the Helper Monkeys... we can call the police or you can just leave now. The bad guys left and the band got everything back! Proof that we live in a great town...

The show at the AA bar and grill... I'll leave that blank for now... Maybe someone else can write it up...

This is Chris, the team leader of the Anthropology class. He suggested a Behind the Music Type final project and Knew the Band... Great Job!

Manila is on the Coast of Northern California near Eureka and Arcata. There is a long peninsula that forms the Eureka Bay and that's where they live... At the end of the road is the North Jetty shown above. Sometimes the waves are so big that they are dangerous and the Coast Guard comes out to make sure that no one goes out on the jetty. Surfing is popular there... It's cold and foggy most of the time but a wetsuit will overcome all that...

Homework Can be Fun... If you do a Behind the Music Photo Essay...

Remember, Think for Yourself and Question Reality

psychedelic art

If George Bush lied to you and you believed him, isn't half the problem the fact that you are easily fooled ? Didn't millions of people worldwide march in protest of the Iraq war before it started ? We were not fooled...

Did you see the movie called Fahrenheit 911 ? The last scene is of the Idiot Bush fumbling over his words trying to say... "fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me"... Now that isn't a really difficult saying... but our 'resident got confused half way thru and a lyric from Pete Townsend and The Who came out of his damaged brain... I loved that movie...

I especially love the fact that 20 years from now, when people want to find out the history of the USA they will play that movie... Already, the vast majority of Americans think the war was a horrible mistake... Just imagine the rage when the thousands of wounded vets return... All those poor souls that were exposed to Depleted Uranium... When their wives start having miscarriages caused by the Iraq War...


When Colin Powell made a speech to the U.N. trying to get other nations to join the coalition, he made them cover "Guernica" with a curtain so that no one would think about burning civilians when he was promoting the War in Iraq . Here is what the TV image at the press conference would have looked like. I liked his Pottery Barn Rule... You break it, you bought it... Sadly, we bombed Iraq and destroyed their electric, water, phone and sewage systems... and now oil exports are half what they were before we blew the place up... opium production is twice what it was before we invaded Afghanistan... Cheap heroin and millions of new addicts... just another collateral damage from the War of ERROR.

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Beware of Make Believe Vampire-Cannibal Cults. You Know, They Pretend to Drink the Blood of Christ and they Pretend to Eat the Body of Christ but they Don't Actually Do It. It's all Make Believe! 

KOYAANISQATSI (Life out of Balance) movie review: by Greg Vanderlaan

This film, made in the 1980's deserves watching again due to it's insight into ecology and "time capsule" footage.. It features stunning video images and the music of minimalist composer Phillip Glass. You just don't see movies like this anymore. Another layer of emotional meaning is felt when we see film of American factory workers making television sets... They did that in the PAST but not in 2005. There is historical archive footage of dynamiting abandoned housing projects in the New York area... I can't watch the buildings collapsing without remembering 9/11/2001. There is NO DIALOG OR PLOT but the film causes the viewer to slip into a meditative trance and frees the mind to "GROK" concepts. I was fortunate to see this at the Uptown Theater in Washington DC when it was new. When I left the theater, the whole world had changed... I saw it through new eyes. I can see the influence of this film on POP culture. For example: Pink Floyd's Video "Us and Them" uses scenes of office workers in super slow motion.

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Texas corporate raider Charles Hurwitz, with the help of junk-bond broker and convicted felon Michael Milken, looted and crashed a Savings and Loan, United Savings Association of Texas (USAT), costing U.S. taxpayers a staggering $1.6 billion! With looted money funneled from the S & L, Hurwitz engaged in a hostile takeover of the Pacific Lumber Company, commenced rabid clearcutting, and tripled the rate of logging of the world's largest stands of privately held ancient redwood forests, including Headwaters Forest, a precious, sacred and irreplaceable international treasure of the ages.
Free Art! Pirate at Will.

trippy hippie
My Truck and The Magic Bus Kinetic Sculpture.

BIODIESEL Roadshow Bus to Umpqua Hot Springs Newspaper Article

this is an article I wrote for the HSU school newspaper. This particular event has passed but the Redwood Peace and Justice center has a list of what is happening now.

BIODIESEL Roadshow Bus to Umpqua Hotsprings

by Greg Vanderlaan
Mergemedia staff

Take a trip on the biobus March 20th to 24th. They will be visiting the Umpqua hotsprings to celebrate the spring equinox. The bus will be leaving the Redwood Peace Center 1040 10th Street, Arcata on thursday morning.
When Rudolf Diesel invented his engine, he ran it on peanut oil. A return to using biodiesel would reduce our need to import oil from foreign countries. Biodiesel is a fuel that can be used in any standard diesel engine without modification. It is made from renewable plants like soybeans, hemp, canola oil, cottonseed, sunflower seeds or animal fats. Hemp, a source of biofuel, is currently illegal in the United States. The technology required to manufacture biodiesel is a simple, time tested procedure. A chemical process called transesterification separates glycerin from the fat or vegetable oil. This produces two products -- methyl esters (biodiesel) and glycerin (used in soap).
Biodiesel contains no petroleum based products. There is a limited quantity of fossil fuel on the planet. According to Dr. Michael Moore, chief economist of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says that finding oil will become increasingly difficult after the year 2020. Four countries control the majority of oil today. (Saudi Arabia-26%, Iraq-11%, Kuait-10% and Iran-9%). The United States controls 2% of the world's oil reserves. In the future, the need for renewable energy sources will become extreme. We will no longer have the option of drilling for more oil. Soybeans, on the other hand, can be grown forever. American farmers would benefit from the increased business. Since this fuel is made locally, transportation of the fuel to the consumer is easier than fossil fuel. Recently, there was a large oil spill off the coast of Spain. A world-wide switch to biodiesel would prevent ecological disasters like this. No oil tankers are needed at all for distribution of biodiesel fuel.
At the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology here at Humboldt State University they have a working biodiesel production system. They use vegetable oil from local restaurants as their raw material. The students convert this waste into a usable fuel for their Mercedes Benz. The fellow at the center says that fuel can be made for as little as 50 cents a gallon. Commercial production of fuel is more expensive. Biodiesel costs about $1.33 to $1.70 cents a gallon depending on many factors including the price of soybeans, labor costs and transportation. Private organizations and individuals are free to manufacture their own fuel for their own use. The CCAT website has step by step instruction for making your own.
Biodiesel is just one of many solutions to our energy needs. While talking to Adrian Nichols of the Redwood Peace Center he brought up some concerns that I had not considered before. "Are the soybeans grown organically?" Could a crop cause more damage thru the use of pesticides than it is worth? "If we use the land for growing fuel, will that interfere with using the land for growing food or not using the land at all?" A deeper solution to our problems would be to use mass transit, ride bicycles or walk to get where we are going. He also felt that we should put more effort into getting power from solar and wind sources.
In Iowa, a hybrid electricity generator is being run. It is a windmill with a biodiesel backup generator for use on days when there is no wind. One of the problems with wind power is reliability. Consumers of electricity demand a constant source of current. It is not practical to depend on wind power alone to satisfy our requirements for electricity. Computers can actually be damaged by fluctuation of the power source. With the hybrid wind/biodiesel system, the diesel generator would kick in when the wind power fell below an acceptable level.
The Union of Concerned Scientists is sponsoring a petition drive to clean up the air pollution from school busses. They are concerned about the health problems due to breathing the smoke from the tailpipe. "From school buses in our neighborhoods to eighteen-wheelers on the highway, diesel rigs are a serious cancer and clean air threat." -Jason Mark, Union of Concerned Scientists.
Research conducted at the University of California-Davis has shown that the cancer-causing potential of biodiesel particulate matter is 80% less than that of petroleum diesel. Biodiesel also significantly reduces most EPA targeted emissions, such as carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and particulate matter. Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel in the US to complete EPA Tier I Health Effects Testing under section 211(b) of the Clean Air Act. A copy of their petition can be found at
In Canada, the use of biodiesel is gaining speed with the launch of the Montreal Biodiesel project in the spring of 2002, the largest municipal biodiesel project in North America.   More than 140 buses, running on different blends of biodiesel derived from animal rendering and U.S. soybeans will be studied over the next year. The project is expected to consume more than 500,000 liters of biodiesel this year.
Sources of Information:
Call Andy at 826-9783 for reservations for the Biodiesel Roadshow Bus trip or visit the Redwood Peace and Justice Center.
The World Energy corporation sells biodiesel nationwide using existing gas stations to distribute their fuel.
US Department of Energy
Biopower and Biofuels Programs

pieces of eight

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Kinetic Sculpture Race Bayshore Mall Eureka California

These pictures were taken behind the Bayshore Shopping Mall. Where there is a huge abandoned building that has been decorated by graffiti artists... It made me think of the CyberPunk science fiction novels by William Gibson where all the action takes place in San Francisco after the collapse of western civilization due to lack of oil. These machines would fit perfectly because they are entirely bicycle powered...

Oh Boy! It's a Post Apocalypse Techno Industrial Wasteland!

My Truck and The Magic Bus in Loleta, California

End the Madness

In general, Veterans are unhappy people and entirely justified in their rage. Either they were drafted and sent to Asia to take sides in someone else's civil war, or they volunteered to commit genocide for corporate profit. Tragic but true. Remember, Since 1945 the US Military has never Defended the USA. It's all been Marketing Scams to sell weapons to the Pentagram. 

Clearcut Logging in Arcata CA Fickle Hill Road - Horses, Goats and Redwood Park

clearcut satellite imagery google

Drive up 11th street past the Arcata Community Forest about 4 miles.
If you ever want to have a private conversation, meet your friend at a campfire in the woods. No cellphone surveillance, No email hacking, No spy cameras, No secret microphones... The Campfire is not absolutely required... but FUN! This also works at the Office. Outside there is usually a smoking area near the dumpster, just ask a friend to ‘step into my office’ and go outside for a private conversation. #ELF #EarthFirst! #deepecology #overgrow #purple64ets

Redwood Park in Arcata, CA
NOT Logged

inside Redwood Park looking at a HSU office building

Goats on Fickle Hill Road - Arcata, CA

Horses on Fickle Hill Road - Arcata, CA

It's a Sunny and Warm Climate up there on the Mountain. These pictures were taken on a day that was Foggy and Cool down here in the Tsunami Zone.

self-portrait at the Schatz Energy Research Center Humboldt State University Arcata CA. Double Pane Windows cause a Visual Echo.

Looking at the greenhouse and dome from the top of the hill behind CCAT on HSU campus in Arcata CA

Campus Center for Appropriate Technology at Humboldt State University in Arcata CA


Beautiful Houses in Arcata CA

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