I Sing the Body Electric by Ray Bradbury... Great Book of Short Stories

Excerpt from the story...

" She made a sound like a season all to herself,  a morning early in June when the world wakes to find everything absolutely perfect, fine, delicately attuned, all in balance, nothing disproportioned. Even before you opened your eyes you knew it would be one of those days."

magic mushroom
Questronix 3D

Robot Dance

Why is there so much Soldier Suicide these days?

They realized that they fought pointless wars against people we armed... AND... They Volunteered... Committing Murder for no reason just tears a person up inside...

Ronald Reagan sold weapons to Saddam Hussein... and then we "needed" to Blow Up Iraq... Killing over a million people... Including OVER 5,000 American Soldiers during combat... and MORE than 5,000 due to Soldier Suicide after the wars were over...

Last Year we Armed the Iraqi Military... and those weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS... Now we have invaded Iraq Again...

Instead of creating problems, why not do something useful with our tax dollars?

We could Rebuild America... Fix the Electricity Grid, Repair Roads, Repair Bridges... Teach Children...  Build Solar Powered Charging Stations for Electric Cars Nationwide...

The Possibilities are Endless... The Possibilities are Endless... The Possibilities are Endless... The Possibilities are Endless... The Possibilities are Endless... The Possibilities are Endless... The Possibilities are Endless...

End Corporate Brainwashing
Rainbow Spiralism Works

Contact California State Representatives - Legalize Cannabis. Save Money, Increase Voluntary Taxes.

If you don't Live on the North Coast of California... Use this link to find your own State Senator or Representative:

Dear Senator Mcguire: If we Legalized Cannabis, we could Reduce Government Spending and Increase Voluntary Taxes at the same time. Only people that Buy Marijuana would Pay... Colorado earned $60 Million Dollars Last Year from Legal Cannabis sales and Funded Schools, Teen Drug Abuse Education, Research on Medical Marijuana treating PTSD and the Symphony Orchestra... AND Saved over $100 million in Law Enforcement Costs. Now there is a plan to Refund the Excess Sales taxes to the Residents... Brilliant Idea! We could too!

Who could Possibly be in Favor of keeping Cannabis Illegal? People that Profit From Prohibition... Follow the money!

Criminals depend on Marijuana being Illegal to Protect their Profits. With Legal Marijuana, the Mexican Mafia would be in deep trouble... and... Recreational Drug Manufacturers also Profit from Prohibition... Beer, Wine and Whiskey... If there was FREEDOM OF CHOICE, many people would leave the booze on the shelf. No Cirrhosis, No Hangovers, Fewer Traffic Fatalities...

Got Prison Overcrowding? Simply Legalize Recreational Marijuana and Let those incarcerated out... You could be the Hero by sponsoring Legislation to Legalize.

Contact James Wood: California Assemblyman for Eureka...

smart approach to marijuana
Legalize Cannabis - A Smart Approach to Marijuana

Legalize LSD 25
Legalize Rainbow Spiralism
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Keystone XL: A Shorter Route goes to Vancouver BC

Why not Just Ship Tar Sands to Vancouver BC along the Route of the Trans Canadian Railroad?
Why Ship Thru the USA at All? Let this be a Totally Canadian Business...
OH! No profit for USA Corporations...

Why would anyone Watch Television? It's all Corporate Brainwashing.

You could Be HERE Now if you lived in Northern California. HERE is Clam Beach looking at Trinidad Head... Humboldt County.
Stop Watching Television... Perky Pat
With Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, Photoshop and Google...
Why would anyone Watch Television?
and Farmville!
The GOAL of Television is to sell advertising time... The most common ads are for Booze and Cars... It makes me MADD to realize that they are promoting Drunk Driving...

and selling concepts... Like: We need to spend a fortune on Weapons of War.
and they do it by reporting DANGER, DANGER, ALIENS APPROACHING!
Fear of Strangers is used to Sell. Sell, Sell.

Since defense contractors do not sell to the general public they market their goods by making Everyone Believe in Endless Global War... And that way, the US Congress can award vast fortunes with Constituent Support. 640 Billion Dollars in 2014... "It's what the Sheeple Want!"

I have not watched Television since 1/20/2009... and it feels good to not let them rent space in my mind... I get my News from Google... They allow me to select what subjects to read about. That's better than letting Others Select For Me.
Accelerate Global Awakening
TV Sells Endless War by Pumping Fear into our Brains.
Look around you, things are not that bad... In Reality. 
"Come on Wall Street Don't Move Slow, Why Man this War's A Go-Go. Plenty Good Money to be Made, Supplying the Army with the Tools of the Trade!" Lyrics by Country Joe McDonald...
psychedelic art
The Possibilities are Truly Endless...

American History starting on 9/11/2001 written by Bob Woodward.

If you ever want to know the inside story of the American President George Bush the Son, Read Bob Woodward's series. "Bush at War", "Plan of Attack" and "State of Denial". They take you inside the White House with One on One interviews with ALL the key players.

Conclusion: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were terrible mistakes. We blew up the wrong countries. Millions of people protested against these wars before they happened but Bush ignored all facts and invaded. Over a million people died including 5,000 American soldiers during the war and even more due to soldier suicide.
psychedelic art
The "Mission" is to sell weapons.
Since 1945, ALL wars have been Marketing Frauds designed to Generate Corporate Profits. Remember: Never Volunteer for the Military, Your PTSD can Last for Decades. Actually Committing Murder Just tears a person up inside.

A couple of things I learned from these books.
1. No one ever invades a country that has Nuclear Weapons. That is why we invaded Afghanistan as it is a country near where Osama bin Laden lived. We could not invade Pakistan as they have Nuclear Weapons. However, by invading Afghanistan we could build military safe locations to house soldiers that were doing clandestine raids into Pakistan. Eventually, one of those raids was successful and we killed Osama bin Laden.

2. By having a Presidential daily briefing with the Director of the CIA, the intelligence community was influenced to find what the President WANTED to find, NOT actual reality. Tenet was to find AN EXCUSE to invade Iraq. Supposedly, Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Bush used that false intel to sell the War in Iraq to the US Congress and the American people. Reality? Iraq had no WMD, no ties to Al-Qaeda and nothing at all to do with 9/11. However, Cheney saw the invasion as a great opportunity to sell goods and services to the US Government through his corporation Halliburton. It's true that over 5,000 American soldiers died for nothing but Cheney's company made a great profit.

They Say History is Written by the Victors. Well, They Are Wrong. Actually, History is written by Bob Woodward.

He wrote many other biographies... Clinton, Obama, Central Intelligence Agency Director William J. Casey, John Belushi and Nixon.
and now for something completely different:
More pictures of the Ama-ZING Plant:

The USA supplied weapons to ISIS - Sponsoring Terrorists - Just like we armed Saddam...

Chemical Weapons made before 1991 were found in Iraq. We sold them to Saddam Hussein to fight against Iran and now they are in the hands of ISIS.
When we left Iraq after Losing the War... The USA Abandoned Vast Stockpiles of Weapons, now in the hands of the terrorists...

Participants in the chemical weapons discoveries said the United States suppressed knowledge of finds for multiple reasons, including that the government bristled at further acknowledgment it had been wrong. “They needed something to say that after Sept. 11 Saddam used chemical rounds,” Mr. Lampier said. “And all of this was from the pre-1991 era.”
Others pointed to another embarrassment. In five of six incidents in which troops were wounded by chemical agents, the munitions appeared to have been designed in the United States, manufactured in Europe and filled in chemical agent production lines built in Iraq by Western companies.

Abandoned U.S.-made arms a weapons windfall for ISIS. There is no full accounting of the stocks of plundered arms, ordnance and gear. But experts agree the insurgents’ haul is huge

It is far more significant, Carafano said, that ISIS has managed to infiltrate Iraqi bases in Mosul, gaining access to sophisticated U.S. weapons.

“They’ve apparently taken enough U.S. weapons from the Iraqi military in Mosul to put them in good shape for a long time,” Carafano said. “But the question is, how do they use those weapons, how do they maintain them, where do they get spare parts from?”

psychedelic Art
420 Question Authority Snowflake
psychedelic space art
If we simply Stopped Funding Terrorists
We Could Afford to Colonize Space

"American Spy" - E. Howard Hunt's Autobiography (Watergate - CIA)

"American Spy" tells the story of Hunt's work in the CIA from WW2 thru his years incarcerated for Watergate... This was written after Mark Felt (deputy director of the FBI) revealed that he (Mark) was "Deep Throat".


Guatemala and the CIA Overthrow of their government for United Fruit...

The CIA Financed the Movies "Animal Farm" and "1984" based on George Orwell's Books...  Anti-Communist Propaganda... Ironic, as Now those books symbolize US Government Spying on Americans, The Legality of Police Murder (yes, they get away with murder...) NDAA and the loss of Miranda Rights.

The Bay of Pigs and The attempt to Assassinate Fidel Castro...

The Unsolved Mystery of Mary Pinchot Meyer's Murder (JFK/LSD)...

Hunt states that he was NOT one of the three tramps on the grassy knoll during Kennedy's Assassination in Dallas... He says he was in Washington DC picking up his kids from school... ("Nope, Not ME!")

The Burglary of Daniel Ellsberg's Psychiatrist's office... They Found Nothing.


 a minute by minute description of the three nights they burglarized the Watergate Office of the Democratic Party... They got caught on the third night... and the very next day he got a phone call from Bob Woodward... Interesting to read what it was like receiving those calls...

How to prevent future Watergates from happening.

 "The yes-men mentality must give way to the dictum to Question Authority, with dissenting opinions properly thought out, communicated, and, most important, listened to in the intelligence agencies such as the CIA, throughout the branches of the military, and especially in the Executive Branch halls of power." - Excerpt from The Last Chapter of E. Howard Hunt's Autobiography - "American Spy"

Yes... E. Howard Hunt says the same thing as Timothy Leary...

"Think for Yourself and Question Authority"

For those of you that have never Heard of Mary Pinchot Meyer... She was a Mistress of John F Kennedy and supposedly took LSD and Marijuana with the President... We will never know for sure as her Diary was burned by the CIA. (according to Editor Ben Bradley of the Washington Post, an In-Law of Mary.)

But enough of all that... here is some Art designed to Entrance the Viewer...

psychedelic art
Flying Fish in the Sunset 
psychedelic art
Think for Yourself and Question Reality

The USA blew up More Atom Bombs in Nevada than Japan. Over 100 above ground tests and 800 below ground...

Did you know that the USA blew up more than 100 atom bombs in Nevada and only two in Japan? We weren't even at war with Nevada... and THAT's what killed John Wayne... He was making cowboy movies in Nevada and got radiation sickness... and we Nuked The Mormons that were Downwind...


Cancer Incidence in an Area of Radioactive Fallout Downwind From the Nevada Test Site by Carl J. Johnson, MD

Exposures in southwestern Utah to radioactive fallout (1951 through 1962) from atmospheric nuclear detonations at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) were followed by smaller exposures (1962 through 1979) from venting of underground nuclear detonations. The cancer incidence in a 1951 cohort (4,125) of Mormon families in southwestern Utah near the NTS was compared with that of all Utah Mormons (1967 through 1975). There were 109 more cases of cancer than expected...


Great Book: "Fire on the Mountain" by Edward Abbey. Also a Movie with Buddy Ebsen and Ron Howard.

 This gripping novel is the story of one man's defiance of the United States government. The hero, John Vogelin, is an old rancher whose property adjoins the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. When the U.S. Air Force tries to take the possession of the ranch in order to extend the missile range, the old man refuses to give up his property. Aided only by his twelve-year-old grandson, Vogelin shows what one determined individual can do in the face of overwhelming legal and military power.

On November 23, 1981, NBC premiered the television version of Edward Abbey's novel, Fire on the Mountain, with a teleplay by John Sacret Young. The teleplay starred Buddy Ebsen as Vogelin and Ron Howard as Mackie. The film aired again on July 6, 1984.

There are many other Great Edward Abbey Books... "The Monkeywrench Gang" and "Hayduke Lives!" are the best... "A Fool's Progress" is too sad to read... 

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Nelson Mandala

How Bubble Up Economics Works.

If we raise the Minimum Wage, those employees will spend more money at American Businesses, Increasing Sales. There will be a need to hire more people to serve the new customers. Reducing unemployment costs. Those extra employed people will be spending their paychecks at American Businesses, Increasing Sales. Causing the need for more hiring. Those extra employed people will be spending their paychecks at American Businesses, Increasing Sales. Causing the need for more hiring. Those extra employed people will be spending their paychecks at American Businesses, Increasing Sales. Causing the need for more hiring. These are people that pay taxes... Not Greed Freaks that Hide their money in the Cayman Islands...

The Extra Money just "Bubbles UP" throughout the entire economy...  Everyone wins...

Just giving more money to the Super Rich will not help anyone. They already have more than they can possibly spend. Corporate Welfare just encourages them to slack off and not put any effort into running their companies smartly... Why TRY when the Government will just give you free money?

Compulsive Hoarding of Money Syndrome Can be Cured! Simply Join Greed Freaks Anonymous and GET HELP!

What is the Saudi Connection to 9/11? Release the Information, President Obama.

There is a bill before congress Urging the president to release information regarding the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks upon the United States.
accelerate Global Awakening
What are they Hiding?
15 of the 19 Hijackers were Saudi Arabian... Osama bin Laden was Saudi Arabian...
What is the Saudi Arabian Connection to 9/11? What Else?

President George W. Bush classified 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks. The contents of the redacted pages are necessary for a full public understanding of the events and circumstances surrounding the attacks upon the United States;

A chapter in the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11 centered on sources of foreign support for some of the September 11 hijackers while they were in the United States. That chapter remains censored, denied to the American people.

Millions of Votes go to The Candidate that Supports Legalization of Cannabis.

Hillary is "OPEN" to Legalizing Recreational Cannabis

"On recreational, you know, states are the laboratories of democracy," Clinton said. "We have at least two states that are experimenting with that right now. I want to wait and see what the evidence is." Source: CNN

Will Hillary collect the Millions of Votes from People that Support Legalization of Cannabis? Or will She Simply Lose the 2016 Election... The Time has Come to take a Stand for Legalization... Not Only is it The Morally Right Position, It's Popular with The Voters.

Psychedelic Art
Global Awakening is Real and Happening Now... Join US.
Research, Learn and Publish...
psychedelic art by greg vanderlaan
Unlikely Donut 3D
psychedelic art
Star Quest

psychedelic art
psychedelic art
Guardians of the Tunnel to another Dimension

Truck eARTh heART - Legalize Silly Dancing - Psychedelic Music is a Blessing

a note to my Facebook Friend

try painting with a brush and paint... the physical touch of real objects is often very pleasing... use what you have learned on the computer to help create better art... for example: I painted a giant red white and blue heart flag on my truck and everyone smiled as I drove by... some saluted. fun for all.
psychedelic art
Free Magic Mushroom Art

psychedelic art
Legalize Silly Dancing

Visionary Art by vandergreg purple64ets
Is it even Possible to Buy a Stairway To Heaven Anymore?

Free Psychedelic Art - Global Awakening is Real and Happening Now

psychedelic art
Global Awakening is Real and Happening Now.
Before The Internet, Everyone Watched Television or Read Newspapers
and We Simply Believed the Corporate Brainwashing.
They Told Us what They Wanted Us to Know.
Now, Anyone can be a Publisher... and there is an alternative. 
When I visited my Father Last Year it became Very Clear that all of the
Television Stations were Reporting the Same Stories again and again... 
I personally have not watched television since 1/20/2009.
The News made him feel angry and helpless... Something was wrong but he couldn't do anything to help... We were all like that years ago... 
NOW WE CAN WAKE UP. It's an Option.

Alien Spaceship Visits Eureka on a Cloudy Day

psychedelic art
Visitors in Chico
psychedelic art
Infinite Sun Bird 

psychedelic art
Legalize Medicinal Psychedelics

psychedelic art
Let's Start Dancing the Paisley Path

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Tropical Fish

psychedelic art
Big Puffy Clouds over Eureka, California

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traveling into the void

psychedelic art
Enable Interstellar Travel
psychedelic art
Butterfly Freedom 42

click on the pictures to see them bigger
psychedelic art
Three Rainbow Hearts

psychedelic art
Rainbow "e"

Imagine how sad a world we would have if there were no Psychedelic Music.
Beatles, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, The Who, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish...

Is it Even Possible to Buy a Stairway to Heaven anymore?
psychedelic art
Led Zeppelin

psychedelic art
Math: Not Just for Rocket Science Anymore

psychedelic art
Infinite Rainbows
Psychedelic Art
psychedelic art
THE BIT visits butterfly world
psychedelic art
Infinite Rainbows
psychedelic art
Dancing Aliens around the Mothership
psychedelic art
Impossibility Drive
What made the Spaceship Run in
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

psychedelic art
Link to More Psychedelic art... Ezekiel's Wheel:

psychedelic art by Greg Vanderlaan
Rainbow Spiral made using Adobe Photoshop

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