Who could possibly be in favor of keeping Cannabis Illegal? Corporations that are in the business of incarceration.

Law Enforcement makes money by arresting people, then warehousing them in jail. While ACTUAL crime is on the wane, cannabis arrests are easy and low risk. REAL criminals are often dangerous. Cannabis Criminals are Often Stoned... and easygoing...


Judges, lawyers, police, bail bondsmen, prison guards, construction workers that build prisons, social workers that talk to the families left behind, involuntary rehab clinics, fertilizer salesman, grow-light salesman, Realtors that rent abandoned houses to be used as farms... There is a huge industry that will have sales reduced if Marijuana is legalized...


Criminals depend on Marijuana being Illegal to protect their profits. Are they bribing Senators and Congressmen? We do not know because that money is in cash and not traceable...


Write a BLOG explaining the Case for Legalization... Post on Facebook... Post on Google+... Email Obama and your Representatives:

Email President Obama

California Senator Boxer

California Senator Feinstein

If you do not live in California, Find your Representatives Here:

US Senate

US House of Representatives

Also... Corporations that make products that compete with hemp. Let's suppose the corporation makes paper, rope, cloth or medicine... Those businesses would lose sales to hemp. Who makes these products? The Koch Brothers. Paper Towels... Oil... Polymers...

and who makes Nylon Rope? Dupont.

and who makes Cotton Clothes? and if farmers made cloth from hemp... the cotton business would have increased competition...

and... Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporations. Imagine if a patient grew their own medicine? No profit for the pill makers... Some medicines are extremely addictive and dangerous to the health of the patients... All the makers of opium based medicines would face increased competition from the medical marijuana industry.

and... Recreational Drug Manufacturers... Beer, Wine and Whiskey... If there was FREEDOM OF CHOICE, many people would leave the booze on the shelf. No Cirrhosis, No Hangovers, No AA meetings...

and... Criminals who currently grow and sell Marijuana. Big Business here in the USA and Mexico. HUGE.

and... The DEA seizes property...

and... The ATF sells guns to Mexican Drug Gangs. Operation Fast and Furious...

That's who is in favor of keeping Cannabis Illegal. Follow the Money...
Follow the Money.
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If we Legalized Marijuana we could save over a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in California alone. Refund this wasted money to the taxpayers.
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Legalize the Kind Herb. It is IMMORAL 
to put people in cages for a plant. Legalize Cannabis.

There ARE people that care about popularity of ideas. For Example: Politicians. They take the zeitgeist of the voters and craft their campaigns to echo what they hear. I believe the millions of Facebook posts promoting Legalization of Marijuana have an effect on laws. Keep on posting and emailing congress... Their jobs depend on voting for what is popular. Not all are paid puppets of the super rich.
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Never Volunteer for the Military - the PTSD lasts for Decades

Remember: Never Volunteer for the Military... The PTSD can last for Decades... and it's Especially Bad when you Realize that ALL wars since 1945 have been Frauds Designed to Generate Corporate Profit.

Circle of Violence... We Sold Weapons to Saddam Hussein... Then "needed" to Invade Iraq... We Abandoned Weapons in Iraq... Armed ISIS... Gosh, we need to Invade Iraq Again because of the Armed Rebels...
Around and Around and Around we go.

$64 Billion Dollars Budgeted for the Pentagon in 2015, while we sell excess HumVee Trucks at DEEP Discount because we have too many...
Corporate Profit... Wouldn't we be having more fun if Lockheed Missles and Space were re-named Lockheed SPACE AND MISSLES... We could be on the way to colonizing Alpha Centauri if we hadn't gotten confused...

Question the Marketing of Fear by the Mainstream Media. 
It takes Two to make a Lie Work...
The Teller of the Lie and The Believer of The Lie.

Ever Wonder WHY there is so much
Soldier Suicide by Veterans?

The MOST effective way to prevent
Soldier Suicide is to Not Become a Soldier.

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It's Essential the We Do Not Elect Another Bush President.
The Last Two were Disasters... 

enough of That... Here are some
pretty pictures to rest your mind...

click on the pictures to see them bigger

Carving of a Bear photographed from inside 
the redwood forest on Highway 101, California. 
Clear Lake, CA
(and a Clear Sky, Too)
Click on the pictures to see them bigger...

Real Goods Solar Living Center Store in Hopland California on Highway 101 North of San Francisco

Click on the Picture to see it bigger.

This Solar Powered Desalinization Machine uses the Expansion of Water when it changes from a Liquid to a Gasto Drive a Turbine and create Electricity. Use the Electricity to Power the Water Pump

Real Goods Solar Living Center

Welcome Center
Solar Panels and Greenhouse Dome
Welcome Sign
Windmill and Dome
Under the Giant Solar Array looking at Vineyards
Looking at the Sun
Very Shady spot to park a car...
under the solar array.
Spiral Pond and Shadow of Photographer
 Mural of Golden Gate Bridge
at the Burger Restaurant across the street from Real Goods
Mural of Moon and Lakes
Mural of the Eel River Salmon Watershed
Mural of The Eagle's Dream

Upper Bidwell Park Chico California swimming lava rocks Bear Hole

Bear Hole
Upper Bidwell Park
When Mount Lassen Erupted, Lava flowed to Chico
and left Black Crystal Rocks...
The sun makes the rocks too hot to sit on
so swimmers splash water onto the rocks to cool them down.
Bear Hole
Lava Rock 
Swimming in Upper Bidwell Park
Looking Downstream along the Diversion Dam Channel
at Bear Hole.
Looking Upstream from the same spot.
Climbing Out of Bear Hole
It was a sunny day
The Water is Cold... said the lady in red.
Chico Creek near Forest Ranch, CA
about 20 miles upstream from town

More Chico Pictures:

Area 101 - an all-faiths Spiritual Sanctuary and Event Center on the Redwood Highway in Northern California

Peace and Love:
Not Just a Good Idea but
a Practical and Efficient Way of Life.
Welcome Sign: Area 101
Eyes on the Garage
Main Mural
This is a Multi Religion Campground-Meeting Place
Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Aliens and Ganesh
Jesus Blesses the Weary Travelers
Ganesh Temple
Closeup Photo of Ganesh,
an Elephant God
Mary Stained Glass Window
Side View of the Ganesh Temple
Note the Seashells
Da Vinci's Man on the Restroom
Long Hair, No Genitals... Go Figure...
Shower Room and TeePee at the Campground Entrance
Inside the TeePee looking UP
Buddha at Area 101
detail of Buddha's Head
Peace Heart made out of Christmas Tree Lights
yet another Buddha in the Garden

Official Website:
We are an all-faiths Spiritual Sanctuary and Event Center dedicated to Personal Growth & Spiritual Enlightenment. We host regular healing and wellness gatherings, music performances and counter-culture events.


AREA 101,
54895 HWY 101
Tel: (707) 984-9174

and furthur up the road towards Eureka,
a fake cop car covered with stickers
at The Peg House Store...
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The campaign to legalize cannabis is working.
Due to efforts of People Like Us,
Recreational Marijuana is now legal in
Oregon, Alaska, Washington DC,
Washington State and Colorado.
Like and Share Worldwide...
"Let's use the Internet to Prevent War
by Making Friends Worlwide."
Ezekiel... UFO, Ergot or Magic Mushrooms?