Salmon Endangered Klamath and Trinity Rivers in Northern California

Water from Lewiston Dam is being sent to the Central Valley to Irrigate Crops instead of Flowing to the Sea for Salmon to Swim in. There was a big fish kill in 2002 and now there appears to be another one coming. PLEASE repost this to all your social networks... 

Located in the Trinity Alps of California Between Redding and Eureka.

Headline: ‘Fish Need Water! Let the River Flow!’: Tribal Members Protest in Sacramento.

Over two hundred Klamath and Trinity rivers advocates made the trek down to Sacramento Tuesday to send a message to the Bureau of Reclamation: “Save Our Salmon! Let the River Flow!”

Members of the Yurok, Hoopa and Karuk tribes, as well as fisheries experts and just plain concerned citizens, young and old, chanted and carried signs pleading for the release of more water from the Lewiston Dam into the Trinity in an attempt to stave off an 2002 Fish Kill-level event. As we’ve noted here on LoCO, local fish are already in a bad way.

Location: 40°43′30″N 122°47′46″W

Prevent War by Making Friends Worldwide

One day I was surfing the net and surprise, someone had photoshopped words onto a picture I took. By the way, this is the last photo I took on July 4th because I immediately put the camera in my pocket and joined the group holding hands and chanting OM.
My friend coming home from the #occupyEurekaCA protest.
We rode the city bus to and from work for years.
If you zoom in on her face, you can see 
the Angry Mother Bear protecting Her Cubs Expression. 
Thank YOU for standing there for me.
What IS purple64ets anyway?
Do a Google Image Search.
It is a keyword to find all my artwork.
If you do a Google Image Search for
Greg Vanderlaan
you get results from all the other
Greg Vanderlaans and TWO of them
are more famous than I. 

Fun times in New York City

I have been to New York City Many Times and it's Great. However, I always had the best times when a friend that LIVED THERE would act as a guide... For Example: Our friend said... I know this Great Bar but they close at 12 midnight and won't let any people in after that. We have just enough time if we hurry... So, we flagged down a cab and I said to the driver: I'll give you and extra $20 if you can get us to the World Trade Center before midnight... So we had a wild ride... and got there in time... We went inside and the Maitre D in the Lobby said... Gentlemen are required to wear Neckties at the Top of the World... The ladies said, you guys are OUT of LUCK. We will be back later... So the Ladies went up and the other guy and I just hung out by the fountain...

another time... We went to a restaurant in Little Italy that had a Lady wandering thru the restaurant singing Opera in Italian... Places like that are hard to find unless you have a local that knows where the really good places are... 

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

a basic concept of Marxism...
This works great is some instances... For Example: My Family... We both benefit from paying the rent, but it would be absurd to split the bill 50/50 as I earn more money than my wife. So, I pay more... another example is the Kibbutz in Israel. another example is The Rainbow Gathering... Yes, some people abuse this system and are mockingly called "Drainbows"... but there are not very many of those people... another example: Hippie Communes... very few exist but those that do are doing well. "The Farm" in Tennesee...

The Kibbutz works great unless you decide to leave... I met an American Man who had recently left a Kibbutz in order to come home... when he left, he was penniless... That's why he was in the welfare office (where I work) applying for assistance... Because the Kibbutz failed to meet his needs... after he left.

In Some places Marxism is a total disaster. For Example: China... Those people over there have a horrible life... Slavery... Some factories have suicide nets to catch people jumping out of the windows... Instead of building a better life for the worker so they wouldn't want to jump out a window... They install nets... Really...

The former USSR... It failed so bad there the entire Union of Soviet Socialist Republics self destructed and they dissolved their Union... Now they are separate countries... ruled by "The Russian Mafia". That was not the only cause of the fall of the Berlin Wall. They also spent a fortune in lives and money in their War in Afghanistan. The people of the USSR revolted because it was obvious that a War in Afghanistan was ABSURD. 

Soldier Suicide

I am concerned about Soldier Suicides. At work I interviewed about a thousand Veterans who were applying for food stamps, MediCAL and welfare. I figure about three a week for seven years. Many were homeless, many had PTSD. One obstacle we had to overcome was the almost universal hatred for the Department of Defense. We had the contact information for all the local Veterans groups but many of the Soldiers refused to talk to anyone that worked for the DoD or VA. Fortunately, I knew the Names and Phone numbers of the people that could help my clients... I was able to say... Go see John, he's OK... He understands what you are experiencing and can help. He does not work in the "sending people overseas to kill or die department" he works in the "repairing Soldiers department"... That personal reference was useful in getting Veterans to Apply for Help from the VA or DoD. They do offer a free place to live but one of the restrictions is NO Drinking Alcohol. Many a Veteran refused Shelter there because they told me... I'd rather drink and live outdoors than go there... If I wanted free food and shelter from those people, I'd just re-enlist... As a person that has drunk alcohol, I can see their point. That place could give a Veteran the creeps... and flashbacks to their time in the service...

We did offer free mental health services in our office. That was really valuable because our clinician is a wonderful woman... I used her services myself in an informal basis. As her co-worker, I could simply go visit her office whenever she was not seeing a client. We had some heart to heart discussions there...

One thing that I know... PTSD is Real. When my brother-in-law came back from Vietnam, he went out into the woods in Missouri and simply survived for 5 years... Then he sent for his wife and she moved there... 5 years... I'm not kidding... 5 years before he was healthy enough to live with his wife... The Marines taught him how to survive in the woods. The only thing he could not make for himself was bullets for his hunting rifle. He is a professional Mason, so when he needed money for ammunition, he would go to town and work... Someone can always use a bricklayer... and he is very skilled. He built a house out of rocks that he found in an abandoned farmers fence. They are doing fine now, they raised two children on the farm. She works as a bus driver and he still works as a Mason. 

Fire Tending Meditation: a way to focus attention

When at the Rainbow Gathering in Utah 2014 I was given the opportunity to focus my attention. Here is what happened...

While at the Welcome Home Kitchen, the Fire Tender wanted to go to another kitchen and trade a cooler filled with coffee for pizza. He asked if someone would watch the fire while he was gone. SOMEONE had to be there... I volunteered. I Said "I'll be here. I'll be the responsable adult. I can do that, I have done that."

he said "Great" and Left with the cooler filled with coffee.

So I took over and made sure we didn't burn down the forest. I also collected wood, placed it carefully on the fire arranging the logs so that they would burn without causing a lot of smoke AND I invited arriving people to help themselves to a cup of coffe or clean drinking water... and to take a break and relax around the fire.

This is a classic way to focus attention as the placement of logs on the fire is very similar to Zen Gardening with sand...

So, during this time... I asked for a Really Big Idea... I had attended Rainbow Gatherings before and I wanted each visit to be different. It's pointless and boring to keep on repeating experiences... so, this time I wanted to get a really big Idea...

and here it is: A SolarFire powered Desalinization Machine. Use a driftwood fire to power a steam engine. Use the force from the steam engine to drive a water pump. Pump seawater thru a pipe in the fire and into a long black pipe with a reflector that focuses sunlight on the pipe. When the water boils, it expands in volume... at the end of the pipe, steam will be billowing out with a great deal of force. Use that force to drive an electricity generating turbine. Collect the steam and let it turn back into a liquid... The result is Pure H20, NaCl and Electricity... all valuable and sellable.

Clean safe drinking water is a big problem. We could use the collected steam for drinking, bathing, livestock, gardens... AND making Ice for a really great Scotch on the Rocks.

To make this pracital, the location of the machine would need to be near a big pile of driftwood. On Agate Beach in California, I have seen a pile of driftwood that covers the entire beach for about a half a mile... In other locations, use watever resource is available. For Example: In Saudi Arabia it would make more sense to burn oil or gas...

So, during my meditation I Got my really big idea...

Later, the fire tender returned and his mission to get pizza was successful.

Much later I was sitting by the fire and another Rainbow Gatherer approached... He said mockingly: "Have you been sitting in that same spot for two days?" Which was true, I did spend a couple of days at the Welcome Home Tent.

I replied: "No, I also worked as the fire tender... That gave me an opportunity to Focus My Attention... [said slowly] Focus... My... Attention... "

The fire tender was listening and he nodded with understanding... Later we ended up hanging out together and he was a fine fellow... He was also very interested in being in the Cleanup Crew... I assume he got paid a lot in valuable stuff left behind.

Long ago I was playing the drums with some Buddhists at an anti-war protest march... I asked them why we were playing such an odd rhythm... They said that it requires that you Focus Your Attention... It's true... That experience was quite different than bang out a 4/4 on the big bass drum... I also did that at the same protest, our goal was to get George Bush the Father to remember that we didn't LIKE his war... and there were people playing the drums 24 hours a day in Lafayette Park to remind him... His only choices were to listen or flee...

Read More about SolarFire Desalinization: With Pictures!

Read more about Zen Gardening:

A privacy hint. Fill out online forms with bad data. It's really none of their business.

I have set up Google Autocomplete with THE WRONG ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. Often when filling out forms online they want to know where you live... well, NO... I refuse... I give them an address that I used to live at and do not get forwarded mail from. NO... I don't give out my PHONE NUMBER to strangers...

Using Google Autocomplete makes filling out forms online easy. However... It is REALLY important that my Phone Number remains private... Otherwise strangers call me... Usually asking for money for some "worthy" cause... and giving the wrong address reduced junk mail...

If I ever want to complete a form with the Correct address and phone number, I can edit the form... For Example: Buying a product that I want delivered...

Why use a fake email address as a horizontal rule divider? In order to cause email harvesting bots to have a bunch of bad email addresses... A bot looks for a string of characters that are of the format [many characters] the at symbol [more characters] a dot and the word com... For Example:

On a different subject: Simply stop watching Television... It is ALL corporate propaganda. They talk, you absorb their message. There is no feedback like a comments section... It is all one way flow of information... The main goal is to sell advertisements. They will broadcast anything if it attracts viewers and they can use the Neilson Ratings to charge advertisers more money...

I really enjoyed the episode of "House" that starred Laura Prepon as the patient... She is most famous for her role in "That 70's Show"... It discussed excessive blogging and I can see in my own life that I was an excessive blogger... SO, since watching that episode, I have decided to NOT blog some experiences that I have had...

The 2015 rainbow family of living light world peace and healing gathering will take place July 1-7, 2015, in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, or South Dakota. Yes, That is pretty Vague but... They generally reveal the exact location and driving directions about June 15th... That way people don't arrive too early...
Has the best information... Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization!

I saw this on Twitter... There were many tweets pointing out the irony, but since there IS NO "God approved" social media... They are stuck... Frankly Speaking, I believe God Reads my Email... When I pray for someone, I always send them an email... First, THAT PERSON gets the message... and Second, It's really likely that God DOES read my email...

I DO NOT recommend that people smoke Marijuana. WHY? Because I DO NOT recommend anything... to anyone... Do your own research, make your own choices and take responsibility for your own actions... Actually, it's fun to do that while stoned...

People say "Brainwashing Sex Cult" as if that's a Bad Thing. Usually they aren't a member and ain't Getting Any...

I went to a NORML protest in Lafayette Park... We were not arrested by the police because... some say... The police were instructed to Not arrest people because that would just cause more publicity for NORML. The Washington Post wouldn't Bother to report on a NORML protest but... "Hundreds Arrested in Lafayette Park" would make a good headline...

 I got really stoned and then it started to rain... I planned to walk to my car and get my raincoat but I could not figure out how to cross Pennsylvania Ave at 17th Street safely. So I went inside the Renwick art gallery instead and there was a wonderful show of glass paperweights. What a Blessing. Thanks NORML. That's a Great Art Gallery...

Top Ten Reasons cyberPorn is better than Actually Touching People.
10. No Fatal Venereal Diseases... 9. No Unwanted Babies...
I'm sorry, I lost interest in writing this Joke. I'm going to do a Google Image search for "Nude Women" instead.

"Childproofing" is also "Elderproofing". We seem to be having an increasing difficulty overcoming "Childproof" safety features. For Example: For no apparent reason the windows in the car would not roll up or down. The driver's window worked. We took it to the auto repair shop and he showed us how to defeat the "Childproof" Feature.

How can I prevent these Annoying Popups while playing Farmville? It is a notification that someone else posted something to Facebook... If you know... email me: gregvan[the at sign]yahoo[dot]calm

I see another BOGUS News story from a COMEDY website. nationalreport [dot] net writes Absurd stories hoping to attract visitors and Sell Advertising Space. Do not believe a word they say. I also question anything published by RT [dot] com... They are the internet version of the newspaper Izvestia. RT stands for Russian Times. I believe they are pure propaganda.

Legal businesses often comply with OSHA and EPA regulations. Illegal businesses do whatever they want to... The United Farm Workers Union fights for the rights of laborers... Is this a Union Farm? Are the employees of this Illegal Business being paid Minimum Wage? Did this unregulated business file a Timber Harvest Plan? It looks like clearcutting to me.

I accept the TG Gratitude Challenge. Three things I am grateful for today are...
1. I did not smoke any tobacco today.
2. I was able to serve by driving my wife to the eye doctor.
3. She was not able to drive herself safely because her pupils were dilated. "Bella Donna" is a fashion/beauty technique because a woman with dilated pupils looks beautiful. I explained to her WHAT Bella Donna IS and then said. "You Look Great!"

I do lucid dreaming. I ask to go visit an art gallery in my dreams and look for good ideas. When I awaken, I do a quick sketch before I forget.
It is difficult to lucid dream but... one trick is to use the snooze button on the alarm clock. When the alarm rings, you wake up. Then if you hit snooze and go back to sleep you are moving in and out of the "Twilight Zone". If you can, hit the snooze button MANY TIMES over the course of an hour. Each time, remember to ask for a lucid dream.

Gavin Newsom for President. Someone stated that Gavin would not be a GREAT president because he is an Adulterer and an Alcoholic. First, being an Alcoholic is better than Actually Drinking... If you have a problem with drug addiction, stop using addictive drugs. DUH. Second, He is not an adulterer. The married woman he had sex with when he was divorced is an Adulterer. It is Impossible to commit adultery when you are divorced... Double DUH...

I met many Deaf Grateful Dead fans at a concert at RFK Stadium. They preferred Phil Lesh because they could hear the Bass guitar in their stomach. No Ears Required. Gallaudet University is in Washington DC.  

Focus Police Effort on Actually Bad Crimes. Legalize Marijuana.

If we Legalized Marijuana, that would free up police resources currently wasted. Crimes like Murder, Rape, Assault, Robbery, Meth, Cocaine and Heroin are a valuable use of their limited budgets. We should use our overcrowded jails to incarcerate REAL CRIMINALS.

The job of being a Policeman would become respectable. Kids are NOT EASILY FOOLED and when we learned that the Police were doing evil... We learned to hate them.

ALSO, the career of Law Enforcement would attract people that want to make the world a better place to live.

And now we have advertising in Colorado that PRETENDS that we don't know enough about the effects of Marijuana... The Lab Rat Campaign... Except, Millions of People have used Marijuana for Decades... Could there be any data there? Did Obama, Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, Paul McCartney or John Lennon suffer this supposed brain damage? Nope... They seem smart to me...

Really, I'm not making this up... They said: "Because so much is still unknown about pot’s effects on kids’ brains, teens who do smoke it become unwitting research subjects."
The $2 million “Don’t Be a Lab Rat” campaign was funded by legal settlements with pharmaceutical companies.  Source:

This Campaign is sure to fail because Kids will see that IT'S ALL LIES... Kids will ask their Parents... and the Parents WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LIE CONVINCINGLY... Just ask Willie Nelson... He seems pretty Smart. 

Voluntary Taxes are Great. I decline to pay. Legalize Marijuana.

When we tax Marijuana sales, only the people that buy are taxed... I would pay nothing, yet benefit from the services paid for by those taxes. We ought to Legalize Marijuana Nationwide. Instead of letting criminals keep the profits, why not use that money for schools? That's a Smart Approach to Marijuana.

Reflections in an Ornament with Panda Self Portrait

Self Portrait... ME holding the flash camera...
Sun Face Reflected Selfie
Blurry but... That's me waving...
Dog's Graduation Party

Chico, California Pool at One Mile Recreation Area in Bidwell Park.

End the War in Iraq. Email President Obama. No more Bombing.

Those people over there have problems. They should solve them... or not... It's their country... We have our own problems here in America and we should work to fix our own first. 

Email Obama and your Representatives:

President Obama above:

California Senator Boxer above:

California Senator Feinstein above:

If you do not live in California, Find your Representatives Here:

Senate above.

House above. 

Let's get out of Iraq and get back on the Track... Rebuild America First Song by Merle Haggard...

Here is an insightful movie that clarifies why we should not bomb Iraq. Learn from our past. Bombing didn't work before, won't work now... Team America: World Police...

The underlying cause of immigration of children from Central America to the USA is TOO MANY STARVING BABIES. Simply use birth control and the people will be able to feed their children at home. If you happen to belong to a religion that prohibits birth control, quit that religion. Gee, that was easy.

NIDA Funds Design of Dangerous Drug Spice K2, then publishes how to make it.

John William Huffman (born 1932) is a professor emeritus of organic chemistry at Clemson University who first synthesised many novel cannabinoids.[1] His research, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, was focused on making a drug to target endocannabinoid receptors in the body.

In the late 2000s, two of Huffman's cannabinoid compounds began being sold in Germany as marijuana alternatives known as K2 and Spice. "I figured once it got started in Germany it was going to spread. I'm concerned that it could hurt people," Huffman said. "I think this was something that was more or less inevitable. It bothers me that people are so stupid as to use this stuff".
Source: Wikipedia

When John W. Huffman invented a whole class of chemicals that mimic the effect of marijuana on the human brain, he never intended for them to launch a whole "legal marijuana" industry.

But now that "Spice" and other forms of imitation pot are sending users to emergency rooms across America, the retired professor has an idea of how to stem the epidemic. If the federal government would legalize the real thing, says Huffman, maybe consumers wouldn't turn to the far more dangerous fake stuff.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has placed an emergency ban on a handful of the chemicals that are used to make Spice, but there are hundreds more chemicals readily available – most of them designed by Clemson University scientist John W. Huffman using a grant from the government's National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Over the course of a decade, Huffman created nearly 500 "cannabinoids" that affect the brain in a much more powerful way than THC, the active component in marijuana. About five years ago, entrepreneurs began spraying the chemicals he invented on plant matter to create "legal marijuana."

"I figured that somewhere along the line, some enterprising individual would try to smoke it," Huffman told ABC News in a recent interview. But, said Huffman, given the dangers of the chemicals, anybody show smokes them "is incredibly foolish."

Star of David Artwork cleared for sale by Zazzle. No copyright problem.

Zazzle removed my products for copyright infringement... The ART is good but I tagged the products with the word "Escher" which IS a violation... My Mistake as obviously "Escher" is a copyrighted name owned by the Escher Family... Zazzle recommends that I resubmit the products using good tags. I was confused as the email gave me the impression that the art was no good... We got it all straightened out now... I reposted the products...

Earlier I posted... In Error...

Who could possibly claim the copyright? David? He died over a Thousand Years ago... His Family? One of the 12 Tribes? Crazy...

Zazzle Said "Unfortunately, it appears that your product contains content that is in conflict with one or more of our acceptable content guidelines.
Policy Notes: Design contains an image or text that may infringe on intellectual property rights. We have been contacted by the intellectual property right holder and we will be removing your product from Zazzle’s Marketplace due to infringement claims."

and this Star o Dave isn't even draw right...
They State that Two Triangles is a Copyright Violation...
Who Holds the Copyright on a Triangle?


What Dad taught me

"Always live your life as if what you do will be published on the front page of the newspaper".

Mom Said: "Someday I'm going to get around to it. OH, today's the day." and then she gave me a ROUND TUIT...

round-tuit key chain
round-tuit key chain by gregvan
View other Round Keychains at
Other Products with the "Round Tuit" artwork: 

Solar Desalinization Electricity Generator

Use an electric water pump to move seawater thru a black pipe heated by a mirrored mylar solar reflector. When the seawater changes to steam, it would expand in volume and shoot out of the pipe with force. Drive an electric power generation turbine using that force. Use the electricity generated by the turbine to power the pump. Sell excess electricity to the power company. Sell the salt. Use the water for drinking, bathing, crops, livestock and making ice for a supurb "Scotch or the Rocks".

Now I see that someone else is already designing this...

Headline: Seawater greenhouses to bring life to the desert
The planned project would use solar power to evaporate salt water, generating cool air and pure water thereby allowing food to be grown
Read More at:

Marijuana Taxes used to fund schools in Colorado

Legalize Marijuana. Do it for the kids! 
Schools in Colorado are using 
Marijuana Tax Revenue to pay for school repairs and nurses... 
Why do prohibitionists hate education?

"The state Department of Education's program to fund capital projects — known as Building Excellent Schools Today, or BEST, grants — had received more than $1.1 million from marijuana taxes in May when it made the annual award recommendations.
The state also is readying another $2.5 million from pot taxes so interested schools can hire health professionals."


Email Obama and your Representatives:

President Obama above:

California Senator Boxer above:

California Senator Feinstein above:

If you do not live in California, Find your Representatives Here:

Senate above.

House above. 

Baba O'Reilly of Fox News Had a poll...
and the results are: 65% of the people favor legalization of marijuana... 

Pen Drawings on a Map of San Francisco

A Good Fishing Location in San Francisco and where the Windmills are...
Municipal Pier near Fisherman's Wharf is an often overlooked gem... Most people visit the Wharf but MISS the Pier...

Peace and Love... Flowers... Fish... Windmills...
A box decorated in Ball Point Pen... "Memories of Rainbow Gathering in Utah 2014"

More Drawings at:

White House CAUGHT lying about Marijuana Addiction.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy States: 

"Marijuana is addictive. Estimates from research suggest that about 9 percent of users become addicted to marijuana." 


Why can't the White House employ people who read and Understand English? 91% means NOT addictive... DUH...
Link Above: White House Response... 

Response to The New York Times Editorial Board's Call for Federal Marijuana Legalization

A plan to end war worldwide

What if... Millions of people in Gaza and Israel ate LSD? Would they stop killing each other? History shows that people lose interest in murder after having the Psychedelic Experience... What if... Billions took a trip? Would we have Global Peace?

KH: AWESOME Idea are absolutly right...seriously. Cia did experiments on troops in the 60s....they could "crop dust" the whole Gaza area with some good ol' Owsley!

Greg Vanderlaan MKULTRA

KH: Acid is transdermal
KH: Hey Greg....we finally agree on something...n no response? LOL

AS: Lol let's do it!

KH: I seriously have access to a crop duster plane.... =0)

KH: Wether it's up to a trans atlantic flight.....well! LOLOL

AS: No fly zones dude. Best to go aerosol

KH: What? Put the shit inna can? Would take to long! Go with a Owsley bomb than....F-16 fly over n BAM! LOL

KH: Greg....see the conumbdrum you've started!LOL

KH: Fuck "No fly zones". We're the USA!

AS: Hot air balloons launched from Cyprus when the winds are bowing ese

Greg Vanderlaan

Project MKUltra — sometimes referred to as the CIA's mind control program — is the code name of a U.S. government human research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans.

CO: Not really. It all highly depends on your personality. Sometimes I feel like a predator while tripping in the woods at night. I don't think it's a good idea to take everything human from those people. That could backfire really bad.

Liberia was the best example. A huge mix made out of different psychedelics, weed and cocaine turned those people into naked cannibals with machetes.

Even stuff like DMT could go wrong. People who are that religious will use that experience to get even more fanatic. I mean that's how every religion was made in the first place.

KH: Greg....I wouldn't trust Wikipedia for information on how to boil water!

Greg Vanderlaan: Seriously, one of the subjects studied in the CIA project MKULTRA was how to use LSD during war... for example: What if the "Enemy" took a trip... would they lose all interest in war? Would they become guitar players and poets?

Greg Vanderlaan: How could anything backfire worse than what it is now? Those people over there have been killing each other for thousands of years with no end in sight... Why not try something different?

CO: I know. I have the dox on my drive. Wait I will upload it.

Greg Vanderlaan: The project conducted tests on college students at Stanford University. Ken Kesey and Robert Hunter both volunteered to eat LSD and other mind control drugs and report on the effects. Later, Ken started having "ACID TEST" parties where the participants took LSD and danced to the Music of the Grateful Dead. Robert Hunter wrote lyrics for the Dead.

Just co-incidence?
or were "the sixties"
a CIA experiment to see what happens?

KH: N...Those bad trips...or violent trips are one in a million.

KH: Silly Syben Mushrooms......those things just make you giggle n grin.


KH: Am I into a conversation that is way above my head?


Acid Dreams
The complete social history of LSD: The CIA, the sixties and beyond.

Greg Vanderlaan: "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" by John Marks

Greg Vanderlaan: "Journey Into Madness" by Gordon Thomas

CL: MAPS is doing a study in Israel using MDMA to treat PTSD. Rick Doblin envisions one day an Israeli-Palestinian rave for mutual healing.

DW:We should just dose their water supply

DC: Send some my way

SM: Greg, the fighting will continue. Hamas, regardless of what they say, will continue to kill their women and children by storing weapons and rockets in schools and hospitals. Have they bitten off more than they can handle? Way in over their head. Obama And Scary Kerry really supporting Hamas.

SL: If you were to give LSD to a soldier who was just "serving his time" and doing his job there is every chance that he would loose interest and ability to wage war - his attention would be applied to something that he considered important, However, if you were to give LSD to. someone who was by nature a "warrior" be could use it's awesome power to enhance and expand his perception and skills. - becoming like a real life Rambo, -- Many people would experience insights and revelations that completely "re write" their view of the world and their place. within it ,-- This could be for good or evil - The deciding factor would be the set and setting - LSD trips taken willingly in a supportive enviroment rarely go bad - but if it is. administered. to unwitting subjects it can become a devastatingly bad trip - Tripping out. groups of unsuspecting people would be real terror

SL: LSD has changed the world for the better more than most people appreciate- Due to it being illegal most people who have been positively affected by it are unlikely to declare it

Greg Vanderlaan What other plan has any chance at all to stop the killing? Anyone have any suggestions? Anything at all?

College Paper: A Mockery of Academic Writing for Anthro 306 HSU

Feel Free to Copy and Paste this and Submit it as YOU OWN College Paper... I encourage Piracy... Especially on this subject... I find that College Professors write articles to be published in "Journals" to be read and cited by other College Professors... It's a racket to show management that not only are you Teaching but also writing important works... "Publish or Perish"...

This is my mockery of "Academic Writing" with words of wisdom from both Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha and Frank Zappa... have fun reading this. gregvan

Parody and Pastiche

Nirvana knew that they had really made the big time when “Weird Al” Yankovic did a parody of their song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. In Al’s song “Smells like Nirvana” the lyrics state:

What is this song all about?
Can't figure any lyrics out
How do the words to it go?
I wish you'd tell me, I don't know
Don't know, don't know, don't know, oh no
Don't know, don't know, don't know...
Now I'm mumblin' and I'm screamin'
And I don't know what I'm singin'
Crank the volume, ears are bleedin'
I still don't know what I'm singin'
We're so loud and incoherent
Boy, this oughta bug your parents
poing! (1)

I downloaded a MIDI file of The song and played it thru my computer speakers. MIDI files are instrumental versions of music. All the vocals are replaced with synthesizers playing the melody. Since the actual lyrics to this song are vague, MIDI would be an excellent way to enjoy Nirvana’s music. I especially liked the part of the song where the music was similar to a European police car siren or air raid siren. The notes automatically trigger a feeling of danger. Reading his words give me the chills also. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes the feeling of impending doom but I’m certain that it is really there… I also see overwhelming sadness in his eyes…
With the lights out it’s less dangerous
Here we are now, Entertain us…
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, Entertain us…
A mulatto, An albino
A mosquito, My libido
Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello…(2)

“Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, described Buddhism as a raft which, after floating across a river, will enable the passenger to reach nirvana. The ultimate goal is realization of nirvana. The End of Suffering... In this lifetime and all future lifetimes.” (3) The singer Kurt Cobain selected to end suffering by shooting heroin and then shooting himself. “Enlightenment is sometimes described as complete and perfect sanity, or awareness of the true nature of the universe. After attainment, it is believed one is freed from the cycle of Samsara; birth, suffering, death and rebirth.” (4) In my humble opinion, the choice of the bands name is a parody of the sixties hippy infatuation with Eastern Religion. Kurt was an example of the opposite of seeking enlightenment. Heroin reveals perfect insanity and a totally false nature of the universe. One of the main concepts of Buddhism is “right livelihood”. The idea is that you should select a way of earning a living that makes you happy. One of the stated reasons Cobain committed suicide is that he was unhappy with having achieved success in the music business. His whining about stardom reveals his choice of “wrong livelihood”. A copy of the suicide note is available online and it is addressed “TO BODDAH”… Is this just a misspelling or a mockery of religion? At the end of the suicide note he writes that “it is better to burn out than to fade away“. This is a quote from Neil Young, the grandfather of Grunge Music. The sound of Cobain’s guitar is very similar to Young’s as well as the style of clothes they both wear. Nirvana’s music is a PASTICHE (imitation) of the music of Neil Young. There was a sixties English art/rock band called Nirvana that recorded concept albums. A lawsuit was filed by Patrick Campbell-Lyons (the leader of the psychedelic band) about Cobain’s band using their name. GenX artists face the challenge of creating works that are new and different. Since they follow a period of artistic genius which mined every possible style, all they can do is repeat previous works. Of course, this is just my humble opinion of GenX culture. If I use the phenomenological technique of bracketing off my personal cultural bias and view the artistic works from a GenX perspective, Nirvana looks good. They become tragic figures that cared so much for the purity of their art that they would rather die than compromise their integrity. These are idealistic values worthy of Socrates. He died for his beliefs and so did Cobain.
There are many websites that explore conspiracy theories about Courtney Love murdering her husband. The basic idea is that she faked a suicide note and killed him so that she would inherit his money. They were about to get divorced, the band was about to split up and she calculated that she would get more money if he was dead than alive. “Love & Death“, a book by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin question authorship of the suicide note. A suspicious sample of lettering practice was found in Courtney Love’s backpack at the time of the murder/suicide. They feel that she was rehearsing how to write a convincing note that the police would believe was genuine. Cobain also states in the note that his wife is a Goddess… It could be that she wrote the note and was calling herself a Goddess. All these people that are promoting the conspiracy theory ideas are paying tribute to all the great conspiracy theories that have gone before. They have written their works using the literary technique of pastiche. It may be subconscious but they are paying homage to the JFK Assassination, The Illuminati, MKULTRA and The Masons. (All great conspiracy theories.)
“Pastiche as imitation: In much current usage, the term denotes a literary technique employing a generally light-hearted tongue-in-cheek imitation of another's style; although jocular, it is usually respectful (as opposed to parody, which is not). “ (5)
Postmodernism as defined by Fredric Jameson:
“The last few years have been marked by an inverted millenarianism in which premonitions of the future, catastrophic or redemptive, have been replaced by senses of the end of this or that (the end of ideology, art, or social class; the "crisis" of Leninism, social democracy, or the welfare state, etc., etc.); taken together, all of these perhaps constitute what is increasingly called postmodernism.” (6)
There was a movement in American society called Modernism that believed we could keep on improving the quality of life forever by inventing new machines. The classic example of this philosophy is the “Carousel of Progress” sponsored by General Electric at EPCOT Disney World. In this show, they trace a typical American family from the 1800s to the present and how GE inventions have lead to happiness. Starting with the Beatniks, people have been questioning if this is true. There might be ways to find happiness other than the consumption of the latest gizmo from GE. Then the 1960s happened and one of the many revolutions was postmodernism. Consumerism was viewed by many as brainwashing sponsored by corporations that needed sales of plastic junk to thrive. Frank Zappa wrote songs about the Plastic People of the Universe. In any study of Parody, Zappa is a shining star. In the mighty tome “Frank Zappa. The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play” by Ben Watson, we see not only a detailed biography of every facet of Zappa’s life but a parody of scholarly writing. While reading pretentious drivel for our Anthropology class, I remembered how much fun it is to mock the writing style of academia. The authors we read seem to be members of a social circle that all attend the same conferences, read each others scholastic journal writings and promote each other by including their names in new articles. One writing we read had ten names of obscure writers on one page! Five of them were listed as “thinkers”… As if that were a career… The direct quote of Neil Nehring is: “A number of thinkers, such as Natalie Davis, Teresa Ebert, Nancy Fraser, Mary Russo and Robert Stam find his (Mikhail Bakhtin’s) concept of carnival promising for feminism, along with the general materialism (or dialogism) of his argument (like Griffiths and Hanna) that a social contest is always occurring in the emotional inflection of language.” (7) I find it interesting that throughout all the writings we read, it was rare that I had heard of ANY of these people. Could it be that we should substitute the phrase “pals that need a little promotion” for the term “thinker“? Who ARE these people anyway? I googled their names and they are generally college teachers… I was especially impressed with Nancy Fraser’s ability to get grants from foundations for studies into politically correct subjects… YOU GO GRRRRRLL ! The style of writing that endlessly cites obscure authors seems pretentious and pompous.
I find that there is a real person named Jean Baudrillard and he is an “eminent French social theorist”. James Brusseau did not just make up a phony name to make his work sound profound. The author James B. is a big fan of Jean B. He proposes the scenario of taking a real gun to Disney World and committing murder during one of the “Wild West Shootouts”. He states that the average tourist would be fooled and just think that the murder was part of the show. (8) It seems to me that this man is COMPLETELY WRONG and that this is a ridiculous example stated by someone that has no real experience at all with firearms or death. However, he feels confident in expressing opinions about subjects he known nothing about… Just wrap the idiotic concepts in dense academic prose and VOILA! You have a sellable article for a textbook. Especially if you slip into the French language without providing translation. That proves that you are cool and worthy of getting a paycheck for your scribbling. One amusing example of creative language is the creation of the term “Baudrillardian Repetition“. A dog pile internet search of that term lead me to a webpage dedicated to “fighting fashionable nonsense”. realizes that a lot of pure bull is presented in academic journals and is swallowed by gullible college students and professors. They offer instruction in “Woolly-Thinking Rhetoric: How to argue like a sheep. Vanquish your enemies with the help of our guide.” This would be useful for people that want to publish profound sounding articles without having to go to the trouble of thinking. I wonder if a perfect example of Baudrillard’s philosophy is Kurt Cobain’s repetition of the word Hello sixteen times per verse or if it is just the mumbling drool of a junky? I vote for the heroin talking. “Repetition: If your ideas are weak, if you have neither logic nor evidence to back them up, simply keep asserting them over and over and over again. This will convince everyone that they must be true. If they were not true, surely we wouldn't keep hearing about them all the time?” (9) The record for repetition is held by Bill Withers in the song “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” where he says the words “I KNOW” an astounding twenty six times in a row… I truly believe Bill. I totally GROK that he knows that there ain’t no sunshine when she‘s gone…
In conclusion: I’m certainly glad that I’m not a member of GenX. They seem to be not having a lot of fun on this planet. It seems that everything of value has already been grabbed by the “Baby Boomers” and “The Greatest Generation” and we are not going to share. The GenXers certainly are getting Mcjobs, poverty, AIDS, wars for oil, inflation, global warming, a ballooning National Debt, bankruptcy of Social Security and no hope for the future. I agree that we are starting the decline into chaos and everything in the future will keep on getting worse and worse until the good old USA is a “third world” country… Fortunately, I won’t be alive to watch the collapse of Western Civilization. With this outlook it is no surprise that they Love Kurt Cobain… Shoot heroin to avoid looking at reality and when reality refuses to be ignored, shoot yourself. However, If you bracket out the doom and gloom viewpoint of the Generation X and view the world thru the rose colored glasses of a Baby Boomer… Gee, things are pretty good here in Eureka!

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I wrote this for Dr. Thomas Gates, Anthropology 306 at Humboldt State University...greg vanderlaan...

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