Let's Lay Off half of the police and refund their salaries to the taxpayer. Actual Crime is Down.

What we have is bored, armed people with nothing to do... Be aware that if you visit Colorado it is illegal to smoke Marijuana in Public. If you go for the 4/20 festival it is likely that poLICE will be arresting people. Be careful, danger...

For Safety... Reduce the number of Armed people walking around with nothing to do... Since ACTUAL crime is down... and Marijuana is Legal... Why not retrain the police to do something useful with their lives? They CAN become productive members of society. They could work as teacher's assistants in Elementary School. Tutoring Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. 

It has become really complex to pay the bridge toll on the Golden Gate Bridge. Annoying System.

Now you do not simply pay a person on the bridge. Now they require that you register on a website and fill out forms to open an account... It really is annoying. https://www.bayareafastrak.org/index.shtml I don't want a prepaid account because I travel to San Francisco once a year...

It says my toll is $31 because I didn't pay it in a timely manner... I tried to pay but was blocked because the date I went over the bridge was too far in the past... So I got a "Notice of Toll Evasion" letter... I plan to have Bank of America block payments to these mindless vegetables because I feel violated. 

Bill Gates was DUPED says Michele Leonhart of the DEA.

If the Voters in Washington State were Duped into Voting to Legalize Marijuana
Bill Gates is a Voter
Bill Gates was Duped.

Logic, Handy for building Computers and Handy for Thinking Clearly... 

Bill Gates voted YES to legalize marijuana in his home state. “It’s an experiment, and it’s probably good to have a couple states try it out to see before you make that national policy,” he said. WELL, IT'S WORKING GREAT SO FAR... Let's Legalize Nationwide... then Worldwide...

Let's lay-off half of the police nationwide and refund the money to the taxpayers. With ACTUAL crime down and Marijuana Legal... how do they justify their paycheck? What will they do to fill up those long lonely hours? police can be retrained to become productive members of society. For example: They could become teachers assistants in elementary school and tutor students in reading, writing and arithmetic. That would be useful.
A letter from Senator Dianne Feinstein:

Dear  Mr. Vanderlaan :

Thank you for contacting me to express your views on medical marijuana. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to respond.

I understand that marijuana may have medicinal properties that could help individuals dealing with serious medical conditions such as cancer-related nausea and AIDS-related wasting.  For this reason, I support compassionate use in certain medical situations when prescribed by a physician for a serious illness.  In addition, I have not opposed further research on the potential medical benefits of marijuana.

At the same time, I do not support the general legalization of illicit drugs, including marijuana.  As a Senator – but more importantly as a parent and a grandparent – I take illegal drug use and its consequences very seriously.  I have seen firsthand the pain that substance abuse causes for individuals and their families.

[Note that she has seen firsthand the pain... of substance abuse IN GENERAL but does not specifically refer to any pain caused by use of marijuana... We all have witnessed the pain caused by the crazy LAWS but no one has seen the pain of actual use of Marijuana...classic example of misdirection... ]

As Chairman of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, my colleagues and I published a report in  June 2012 entitled  Reducing the U.S. Demand for Illegal Drugs .  In this report, we noted that marijuana is much more  potent today than in the past with tested samples showing that average potency more than doubled from 1998 to 2008.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write.  Please know that I will keep your thoughts in mind moving forward.  If you have any additional comments or questions, please feel free to contact my Washington, D.C. staff at (202) 224-3841.

Sincerely yours,

  Dianne Feinstein
         United States Senator


Here is a restful webcam... Abbey Road... as seen from the other side...

Supreme Court: Money is Speech. Vast Fortunes allowed to be donated to Political Campaigns.

We can fight back by creating free advertising of our own online. Let the super rich buy vast quantities of pay per click adverts on the internet... We can screenprint them and photoshop the images to reveal the lies... Of Course, there is no way to fight TV advertising... or Printed on Paper advertising... BUT, we do what we can do...
Dear CONGRESS: The Marijuana Law is wrong. You write laws. FIX IT.  Schedule #1=Heroin, LSD, Quaaludes, Peyote and Marijuana... Was this list written by morons? or is it simply RANDOM? I'm talking to YOU Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. EARN YOUR PAYCHECK.

Mindless Vegetables often Vote Republican. Is there a test for Competence?

Does there come a point when a person is not eligible to vote? What if they are on life support and have no contact with the real world? What if they are on a morphine drip? What if they do not know what year it is or who is President? What if they are in a coma? What prevents someone else filling out the absentee ballot and mailing it in? We need to check absentee ballots to prevent voter fraud.
Mindless Vegetables often Vote Republican... After death, a person is no longer eligible to vote. That voter fraud is easy to prevent by comparing the list of dead people with the voter registration list... but it is difficult to prevent voter fraud when the person is incapacitated mentally... What if a caregiver simply says "Here, Grandma, Sign this..."
Seven Sided Star.
I saw this on Facebook and there were 8 comments... all said "Amen" or "Right On, Brother".
What I found interesting is that NONE of the people noticed the errors...
We should teach science to our uneducated brothers... we could explain things to them one at a time. For Example: ask them the question "Do you know why the sky is blue?" Often they have never even considered this question... really...
If Michele Leonhart Got Stoned, would she still be so angry?
DEAth Squad Leader "Freaked Out" when testifying before Congress... Her Statements become Random and Illogical... Can she get Medical Help? NO... The DEA says Marijuana is Illegal... She would have to arrest herself.

a long tale about one persons experience at The Rainbow Gathering in Modoc County California 2004

Legalize Marijuana. Save Billions of Dollars currently wasted on law enforcement. REFUND that money to the TAXPAYERS.

You can avoid that dreadful feeling the morning after
drinking alcohol by simply switching to Marijuana.
Schedule I drugs are: heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), methaqualone, and peyote. Odd list... Peyote is on it but Mescaline is not... that makes no sense... Mescaline and Peyote are the same... Just refined... What about Magic Mushrooms? If they have LSD and Peyote doesn't Psilocibin fit into the same category?
This List was obviously written by people that were uneducated...
We can explain reality to our elected representatives, It's a good thing to do. 

Free Infinite Rainbow for use in Potatoshop Collages... click on the picture for a bigger image.
MORE ART at: http://vandergreg.blogspot.com/p/winplot-shapes-for-use-in-your-own.html

The results from Fukushima radiation spreading to Northern California: Cs137: 1.3 ± 0.1Bq/m3... Cs134: below detection (3/23/2014)

Sample of Pacific Ocean Water collected near Eureka, California.

CS026, Trinidad, California
Coordinates: 41.06, -124.14
Sponsored by the Pacific Blue Foundation & friends.
Collecting agency: Humboldt State University, Marine Lab
Shore Stations Program

Source: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. 3/23/2014

Results on 4/4/2014:
CS026, Trinidad, California
Coordinates: 41.06, -124.14
Sponsored by the Pacific Blue Foundation & friends.
Collecting agency: Humboldt State University, Marine Lab
Shore Stations Program
Cs137: 1.3 ± 0.1Bq/m3
Cs134: below detection

Woods Hole is testing the water off Eureka California for Cesium and finds that our water has been polluted since the 1960s... It has a half life of 30 years so it's still radioactive... Nuclear Bomb testing caused it. Just the stupidest idea possible... Intentionally blow up Atom Bombs just to see what happens. 

"WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING SINCE 1974?" Answered in 2002.

asked by Jim, my college roommate. some random biographical answers to an email.

I live in Eureka, California now. I'm a computer student at Humboldt State University. After Chico State in '73 and '74, I went back to my Mom and Dad and got a job at an art store. Married the clerk in the shop next door. Went to West Valley Junior College and learned to be an electronics draftsman. She graduated from college and we went to WASHINGTON DC. She worked for the National Security Agency as a Russian Transcriber and I worked in a small computer company. We got divorced. I stayed in DC for 12 years. I played music synthesizer with a bunch of computer nerds on the weekends. For years we had a random jam session with people in my friends basement. You never knew who would show up. This was a big part of my life. We often played all night long and would come out of the music room in the light of dawn. I also played guitar with lots of echo echo echo and effects. After years in the electronics industry I dropped out because of executive stress and worked for Domino's Pizza as a driver. It was a good life. Stoned on marijuana all day every day... free pizza... Eventually I had a customer move into my condo and she and I and her 6 year old daughter lived together in domestic bliss. After that romance ended I came back to San Jose and spent 6 years working for Radio Shack and living in rented houses with a bunch of other men. Not a gay thing, Just bachelors sharing rent. Mostly computer nerds. Some times women and children in group homes. Then I got fired from radio shack for stealing money and drinking on the job. I had figured out how to embezzle money from the company and did that for 5 years. I moved to CHICO and took a ONE YEAR VACATION. I joined the Alcoholics Anonymous group there and got healthy. As a matter of fact, the embezzling allowed me to keep a lot of money and that paid all my bills for a year. I spent a lot of time playing music in public with a random assortment of college kids and other AA members. We would stand on the streetcorner and play for spare change. I met my current wife at CHICO AA. I got a job at a plastic factory as a machine operator. After a year of that work I figured out how to get student loans and moved to Eureka.
Dear Jim: How did you find me? I can see from your email that you have visited one of my websites. Actually, that Radio shack photo (of me) does not show the extremely long hair that I wore at that time. My ponytail is hidden in that picture. I heard that TOM LAMPKIN (my roommate at 6th and Ivy) became the chemistry teacher an Chico High School. I heard that from one of the kids that I played music with in the park. Another important thing in my life is that I learned to play acoustic guitar and sing classic rock/folk songs. I have collected the chord changes and lyrics to 200 songs. They are kept in 4 spiral notebooks that live in my guitar case. Beatles, Doors, Grateful Dead, Eagles, Woodie Guthrie, Jimmie Buffet... I go to peoples homes, public parks, streets, and pull out my songbooks and lead group sing alongs. I'm sure you can relate. One high point in my life was when I was living in Washington DC and I had just gotten fired from a high paying electronics job. I took EIGHT (8) months off from work and went into my home recording studio. I had many synthesizers, guitars, a four track tape recorder and a drum machine. There was a tremendous amount of Afghanistan Hashish. [The Russians were fighting the Afghans and we financially supported the "Freedom Fighters" by purchasing their Hashish.] My friends and I recorded a demo tape and tried to sell it in New York City. We wanted to make background music for corporate video. There is a market for techno-pop soundtracks and we had an agent but never made a sale. AT LEAST I GAVE IT MY BEST SHOT!!! Some lyrics I wrote are online at angelfire homepage the words are down at the bottom of the page... Recently I've gotten into photography because I can put pictures on the internet. Some pictures are at geocities homepage for gregvan [now vanished as Yahoo closed Geocities]

THAT HETCH HETCHY TRIP WAS A MAJOR EVENT IN MY LIFE. (a camping trip with Jim French, Jimmie Dewhurst and Mike Bilinski in 1974.) Since I almost died when I slipped into the river, it has given me great emotional questions about the meaning of LIFE. The fact that I DID NOT DIE at age 19 has made me grateful for every moment since. Maybe there is some reason for my existence, some big task that needed to be accomplished. FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON I WAS GIVEN THE GIFT OF LIFE. I feel that the reason is that I should DO SOMETHING USEFUL to make the world a better place to live. I made a difference when I was working at Radio Shack. I helped thousands of people solve their electronic problems. For example: I sold thousands of hearing aid batteries to people in Czechoslovakia. Many people could hear because of me. At the plastic factory I made wheels for wheelchairs. Thousands of people are rolling around right now because of me. It is not much, but at least I did SOMETHING. That experience at Hetch Hetchy was truly unique. I was stoned on LSD and PEYOTE and met death FACE TO FACE underwater. I also had the blessing of attending 37 grateful dead concerts and two rainbow gatherings. What a lucky fellow I am. Hundreds of Acid trips... The last one was at an anti-war protest march in Washington DC when George Bush SENIOR was fighting the GULF WAR. I was interviewed on television. My next door neighbor said I made a jackass of myself on the evening news. I am very proud of that. She was a conservative republican and I know that if I pissed her off I must have been doing the right thing...We spent a lot of time playing the drums in Lafayette park across the street from the White House. The idea was to make a lot of noise and disturb George Bush's sleep. A guy from Kodiak Alaska loaned me a MARCHING BAND BASS DRUM and for hours I lead 30 people in a drum circle. HEY, maybe we shortened the gulf war by reminding George Bush that some drummers thought he was an idiot... AT LEAST I DID SOMETHING...


Something my Mom taught me...

Mom said that there is a concept called "self fufilling prophesy". Her example: If you get a TATOO that says "BORN TO LOSE" you will. Be careful what you believe. Your beliefs can influence your future... If you find that your beliefs are wrong, change them... THINK FOR YOURSELF !

I was thinking about this because I was at an AA meeting and one of the other people was talking about the FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS OF BUDHISM. The person talking actually got the "TRUTHS" totally wrong but it did make me think...

A concept that always seemed idiotic is: PREMARITAL SEX IS A SIN. Someone in a Christian Church expressed this ABSURD philosophy to me. They seemed to feel that people should not do things that are a "SIN". INSANE! I have TESTED their belief and found out that they are INCORRECT. IT IS BIG FUN! Avoid believing Religions that teach concepts that are OBVIOUSLY FALSE. THINK FOR YOURSELF... I wonder if this is REALLY in the Bible or did some preacher JUST MADE IT UP?

There are some aspects of Christianity that make NO sense. For example: Forgiveness of sin. They say that if you commit a sin and then ask for forgiveness, then you can go to heaven. RIDICULOUS! No wonder it is the preferred religion of the MAFIA! Check out how this works... On Monday, a person sells heroin to elementary school kids. On Tuesday, a person goes to church and says: "Forgive me father for I have sinned"... PRESTO=CHANGO all is forgiven and that person can go to heaven. On Wednesday, that person commits murder. On Thursday, he goes to church and say: "aw shucks, I sinned again... forgive me daddy"... a MIRACLE HAPPENS AND THE MURDERER IS FORGIVEN AND CAN SING WITH THE ANGELS FOR ALL ETERNITY... On Friday, the person HAS SEX with an adult that he is not married to... They have BIG FUN... On Saturday, they Have SEX again, because they really like to. On Sunday, they both go to Church and say: "forgive us father, for we had FUN". THE PRIEST (a known pedophile) says all is forgiven and they all go to Heaven. On Monday, The MAFIA guy sells heroin to elementary school kids, the Priest *&*##$@*** the kids and the weekly cycle continues... WHAT AN ABSURD SYSTEM...It seems to me that we ought to PUNISH murderers... NOT FORGIVE THEM !

A better system would be to take people that DO BAD THINGS and reincarnate them as a flea. Then they would have to live a thousand lifetimes as a flea before they got promoted to human. KARMA. "My Karma ran over your Dogma"...
I like the practice of communion... You eat a sacred wafer and meet GOD. I've done that. It works! At MY CHURCH, we eat a wafer that is laced with LSD-25... 
Yes, its true, I have met GOD personally. MY CHURCH WORKS... If you have not met GOD, discard your obsolete religion and get one that ACTUALLY WORKS... DUH!

The Four Noble Truths Of Budhism
The First Noble Truth - THE EXISTENCE OF IMPERMANENCE - "Dukkha"
Nothing lasts forever. Understand this and be not attached to what you are experiencing, otherwise you will experience suffering. When you experience happiness know that it is a reaction to circumstance and it is not a permanent state. Conversely, when you are suffering know that it shall not be eternal.
Craving sensory stimulation, craving existence, and craving non-existence give rise to the continuity of being, and with it its attendant suffering. Attaining a state of non-craving should be part of your daily effort.
The Third Noble Truth - THE CESSATION OF SUFFERING - "Nirodha"
One can end eternal suffering by ending the craving that leads to the continuation of suffering.
The Fourth Noble Truth - THE MIDDLE WAY, or THE NOBLE EIGHTFOLD PATH -"Magga"

Ending the craving that leads to the continuation of suffering is brought about through living by the ideals of the Noble Eightfold Path. It delineates a plan of self-discipline regarding ethical conduct, mental discipline, and wisdom. The Path avoids two extremes--the pursuit of complete and ultimate sensory pleasure, or the pursuit of utter self-denial.

VISIT CALIFORNIA. While it is true that we don't have Legal Marijuana, We do have EPIC PRISONS. You may qualify for Free Room and Board*

*Offer limited to those who possess More than an Ounce of Marijuana. You may win 10-20 in San Quentin, Vacaville or Pelican Bay... OR... Three Strikes, You're Out.

If we Legalized Marijuana we could spent less money to pay Judges, Lawyers, Guards, Police, Bail-Bondsmen, the people that build prisons, parole agents, probation officers, ex-con "rehab" counselors, halfway houses and social workers to assist the families "left behind". Save over a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in California alone. Refund this wasted money to the taxpayers.

If we Legalized Marijuana we could save over a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in California alone. Refund this wasted money to the taxpayers.

Jerry Brown for Governor of California. Let's Continue Being EPIC.

Yes, I'll vote for him again. http://www.zazzle.com/gregvan/brown
Last time he did a good job. He Earned our support.
Bill Gates voted YES to legalize marijuana in his home state. “It’s an experiment, and it’s probably good to have a couple states try it out to see before you make that national policy,” he said. WELL, IT'S WORKING GREAT SO FAR... Let's Legalize Nationwide... then Worldwide...

Jerry Brown asks if we can continue to be world leaders in technology if we legalize marijuana... I guess Apple Computer shows that people Like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak can create great computers even when stoned... 

I accidentally broke the top of the curly tube on a fluorescent light bulb. It still lit at the bottom.

Does that spray a fountain of toxic poison into the room? Can I replace these nightmare bulbs with LEDs?

NSA MALWARE BOTS: How can we defend our computers from them? Big potential market for NSA MALWARE removal.

Norton? Bitdefender? MalwareBytes? Who will protect us from the Blue Meanies? Help! Someone, Somewhere can write the Anti-NSA program... Who?
Click on the link above to get random letter and numbers to include in emails, blog posts, Facebook posts. Every time you reload the page you get a different set of random letters and numbers... It could be used to instruct the NSA computers to try and decrypt it and WASTE THEIR TIME because there IS NO PLAINTEXT MESSAGE. Rabid Dogs Chasing their tail... 
For Example: 
or maybe:

If anyone else is visiting Laytonville, California. VISIT the "Fountain of You". Healing remedies and ART.

We went to your store last week and it was a wonderful experience. My wife bought some healing balm and it has reduced the pain in her knees. We were traveling from Eureka to San Francisco and any long journey is painful for her. BUT NOT THIS TIME because of the hemp balm. Thanks. It helped us both. She put it on my lower back and that's always sore after driving.
Fountain of You store in Laytonville, CA on Highway 101 between Eureka and San Francisco
Collage on table out front where you may sip your herbal tea.
Guard Dog next door at the Vets Office.

NO, the Earthquake in Eureka, California DID NOT affect the Atomic Waste stored at PG&E Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power plant.

PG&E SAID: The earthquake had no impact to the spent fuel storage facility at the Humboldt Bay Power Plant. For more info visit our Currents news channel:
Is it still contained? YES. Did it leak? NO. How would anyone find out? Ask PG&E on their Facebook Page.
We had a M6.9 Earthquake and a couple of hours later I saw a lot of activity at the power plant. I assume that PG&E had employees running safety tests and checking for damage.


I posted on PG&E Facebook Page... asking them about this... I wonder if they read it.

Tugboat and Cargo Ship coming into Humboldt Bay.  

"The Last Guy" a story by Greg Vanderlaan.

Bill Gates was sitting at a table and invited some men to join him.

Bill said: "Carlos Helu, I would like to introduce you to Amancio Ortega."
Carlos said: "Who is Amancio?"
Amancio said: "I used to be the third richest man in the world but now I'm number Two."
Warren Buffet said: "Now I'm the richest man in the World!"


and then the LAST GUY said: "I used to be the Poorest Man in the Entire World but NOW I'm the Richest! I'm the poorest as well but I'm The Richest Man in the Entire World! Uh, I don't feel too good... "

THUMP. (and he fell right over, starvation will do that to you...)

"Quack" said a duck
"Quack Quack" said another duck
"Quack, Quack, Quack, Moo, Oink, Meow, Arf, Arf, Howlllll" said the survivors...

The End. or is just the Beginning?

More silly stories: http://vandergreg.blogspot.com/2012/02/do-math-silly-story.html
and http://vandergreg.blogspot.com/2012/02/space-art.html

Lyrics to "Space Hymn" by Lothar and the Hand People: Guided Meditation, Trance Inducing Song


(spoken) Now, sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and listen very closely to the sound of my voice. Imagine that there is nothing but you and the sound. Floating freely high above the Earth. Now, as you listen you will begin to relax. Every sound you hear relaxes you further. Just you and the sound. Your arms and legs feel heavy. Very heavy. Like lead. Every sound takes you deeper and deeper. Nothing can disturb you. Every muscle, every part of your body is relaxing further and further as you drift down deeper and deeper. You are floating away from the sound of my voice but you can still hear it. Imagine you are riding down an escalator. Slowly going down farther and farther into deep relaxation. Feels so good. Now, I'm going to count backwards from five to zero and on every number you will go another level deeper. Relaxing more completely on every count until I reach zero. On zero you go twice as deep. Backwards from five to zero. Deeper on every count and on zero, twice as deep. Five, so relaxed. Four... Three... Two... down, down one... zero... way, way down. Imagine you are floating high above the Earth in deep space looking out on the universe. Floating free in Space. Uplifted and filled with a silent "Ahh" watching the movement of the stars.
(sung) Standing on the Moon, filled with thoughts of home, Earth so slowly turning, twenty thousand years, human hopes and fears, are we finally learning? Riders together on a Starship of stone, living together, trying together, dying alone. La La, La La La...

lothar hand people space hymn
Click on above link to buy on Amazon

I am outraged by the waste of Taxpayer Money spent on enforcing the LAW. I don't smoke marijuana and I don't care if other people do.

Would not it be WONDERFUL if there was a way to Reduce Government Spending and Increase Revenue? There is a way! Legalize and Tax Hemp and Marijuana. Anyone who has ever had a checkbook knows that the TRICK is to put more money in and take less out. This is NOT Rocket Science. The Majority of Voters favor Legalization of Marijuana. 

If we released the marijuana prisoners we could save a LOT of money currently spent on Incarceration. AND... the former prisoners could go home and take care of their families... A classic scenario here in Eureka, CA is that an unemployed Logger or Lumber Truck Driver get's arrested for growing weed and goes to jail. THEN, his wife cannot support herself and their children and pay for a lawyer... SO, she goes into the welfare department and applies for CALWORKS CASHAID. Many of the farmers here are people that were laid off by the timber companies.

Math: Fun for the Whole Family. Fibonacci, Mandelbrot, Newton, Escher and Douglas Adams

Click on the Pictures to see them BIGGER
Math: Click on the Pictures for BIGGER Images.
More ART at: 
NAND, NOR, Exclusive OR, NOT, Have-NOT, Y-KNOT

There are fewer Republicans every day. That party was popular with Old White People...

and The Old White People keep on dying... never to be replaced because young people do not vote for Republicrimes. Off to the dustbin of History with other obsolete parties like the Whig Party and the MugWumps...


The Republican Party's Pot Dilemma: Most Americans favor legalizing marijuana, but most in the GOP do not. Can the party avoid being on the losing side of another culture war? NO... They will lose and go BACK to Mordor.


“Republicans stand for raw, unbridled evil and greed and ignorance smothered in balloons and ribbons.” ― Frank Zappa

Republicans: Evil Strategists or Just Clueless? I don’t know the answer, but I think there are two reasonable theories. #1: They are Demonically Possessed or #2:They have been drinking diet beverages that contain aspartame. Certain to cause Brain Damage. Made by Donald Rumsfeld's G.D. Searle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Searle_(company)

It's FUN to click on Republican Pay Per Click advertisements and COST THEM MONEY.

Go ANYWHERE on the Internet, CLICK ON the GOP Ads... then write why they are EVIL Puppets of the Super Rich on their webpage. Play the Elephant Clicker Game!
WE THE PEOPLE WILL DEFEAT THEM ALL IN 2014. They are the party of the Old White People. Every day more and more of them die, NEVER to be replaced as young people don't vote for Republicans.

The Republicans started the War in Iraq and Afghanistan causing over 5,000 American Soldiers to DIE for nothing. Those pointless wars also cost over a Trillion Dollars of Taxpayer Money. This ABSURD waste of resources almost caused the total collapse of America's Economic System. The Republicans also caused the shutdown of the Federal Government. Causing fear and stress to people in my own family. Then we paid the people their salary for not working. WTF? The Republicans are opposed to Environmental Protection. The Republicans want to KILL Big Bird and Sesame Street by not funding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The Republicans voted against Veteran's Benefits. The Republicans want to outlaw abortion by reversing Roe vs Wade. The Republicans awarded Halliburton NO BID Contracts enriching Dick Cheney. The Republicans stole the 2000 Presidential Election because more people voted for Al Gore than George Bush.

More fun than Farmville. Become an "Elephant Clicker" instead of a "Cow Clicker". The more you click, the more Republican Advertisements Appear. The MORE THEY PAY...
Why did Republicans need Riot Police to keep people out of their 2012 Convention?

There is a need for THREE political Parties: Green, Libertarian and Democrat.
There is no need for a FOURTH party

How do you turn off the burner on a Frigidaire Professional Series Range FPEC3085KS ?

The large two power burner will not shut off.  I cooked some rice on high (inner element only) when it boiled I turned the knob to off. Then a few minutes later the burner went to random settings of power including high with both inner and outer elements glowing red. I turned the circuit breaker outside the house to off and the burners now are safe. Is there an emergency power off switch on the stove? Is there a computer reset? LED display randomly said HE, HI and numbers. No matter where I turned the knob random power was applied to the burner.

This is a safety issue. I Googled this problem and there were many other people that were experiencing the same problem. Most discussion boards recommended replacing the switch. I cannot do that. Is there a repairman you would recommend? We have a Sears store in Eureka, CA at the Bayshore Mall and I have shopped there often.

Repairs at:

EUREKA CA, 95503-4030

Dear American Businesses: HIRE AMERICANS TO ANSWER THE PHONE. We need the Jobs. English Speakers Only.

We could help unemployment by Hiring Americans to answer the phone. 
Save time for customers, Improve Service...
Increase Sales... everyone wins!

Voice recognition DOES NOT WORK.

Please Like and Share...

Driving Highway 1 from San Francisco to Santa Cruz during high surf conditions.

Click on the pictures to see them bigger.
Cliff House, San Francisco

Land's End, San Francisco

Sutro Baths San Francisco

Java Beach Coffee Shop, San Francisco
Inside The "Secret" Garden at Java Beach Coffee Shop, San Francisco, CA
Magic Train... MUNI
MUNI electric train Judah Street San Francisco

St. Mary's viewed from inside Unitarian Church at Geary & Franklin

Ocean Beach at Judah Street San Francisco

Sutro Tower, San Francisco

Yellow Submarine Mural, San Francisco

Yellow Submarine Mural, San Francisco

Pigeon Point Lighthouse on Highway 1 near Santa Cruz, California

"Ohio" by Neil Young as written in Butano (half way between Santa Cruz and San Francisco on Highway 1) David Crosby Said: It was in a friend of ours’ house in Butano Canyon up in Northern Central California. Neil and I were sat out on the porch and our friend had just come back from the grocery store, where he’d gone to get breakfast, And he had that Life magazine with the picture of the girl and the other kid in a puddle of blood and the question “Why?” written all over her face. Neil and I both looked at it and realised we were now in a country that was shooting its children. It was a shocker for the both of us. The guitar happened to be on the other side of me and he said “Hand me that”, so I gave it to him. And Neil sat there right in front of me and wrote it. It took him maybe ten minutes to write that song, then I got on the phone to Nash and said “Get a studio, right now! And find Stephen and get him there too. We’re coming to Los Angeles now.” And within 24 hours of Neil writing it, we had it recorded.
Read more at http://www.uncut.co.uk/node/6679#DjpR2J5xaWiOST0m.99http://www.uncut.co.uk/neil-young/part-13-david-crosby-neils-bandmate-in-csny-news

Tide pools and Surf near Santa Cruz California

Bean Hollow Beach near Santa Cruz California

Tide Pools near Santa Cruz, CA

More Pictures at: