Rainbow Gathering at Mayan Pyramids: History

Location: Palenque, Chiapas - Mexico around the Sacred Mayan Temple area
Event Type: Beginning of a New Era.

While this particular Rainbow Gathering is over...
Be sure to stay tuned and find your way to the NEXT Event.

Link to a Video of People Holding Hands and Chanting.

Link to a set of pictures:

The rest of this page was written in early December 2012
to help people find and travel to the Rainbow Gathering

Dec. 11th Update: (note, the number of folks there is probably double that cited on the 6th)

Alexis Ali Parkhurst: Dear family, we need more kitchens, one kitchen is feeding everyone now and they are stressed! Please bring pots and pans and good recipes! We also need filtered water, anyone who has supplies and knowledge for that, we NEED you!

 I'm here at the Gathering in Palenque and we just built one sweatlodge. Going for the second but we need stones for the ceremony, ignition stones you know. If you know anybody around the area that can lend us some, much appreciation. See you.


Justin Desantis: Re-Posted by Rainbow Hawk.
Seed camp, holding camp whatever you want to call it is started. just outside of Palenque. leaving town you go past km marker 32 maybe 33 and take a left turn. it is a dirt road. im estimating, but you go about 5 km and there is a fork in the road. you take the left turn and go about another 6 or 7km roughly.. the site is on the right side of the road and there is a plantation of a certain palm tree. if you are in Palenque you can take a collectivo straight there i do believe.. the name of the collectivo is ´´ Casa de Hernandez´´ and you want to take the route towards ´´Poncho Villa´´. it costs 15 pesos I think. theses are rough directions but not a hard place to get too really. good luck·
~~~~~~and another set of directions~~~~~~

Here they are Family, now come and find us!!!
By Car:
Head past Pelenque town towards the ruins.
*Drive S on 199 towards Agua Azul.
*Between KL marker 32 and 33 look for rainbow signs on a dirt rd on the left.
Locals know it as the road to Kan Kan Ha.
Take this road aprox
*8KL and look for welcome home gate on the right.
By Collectivo (public van from pelanque):
ask for the Kan Kan Ha truck and get on. Once you turn on to the bumpy dirt road keep your eyes peeled for rainbow signs. Welcome home gate is approx 8Kl in. 15 pesos.
Posted by Pamela Shapiro on Facebook.
The Rainbow Gathering will be at Palenque and the Other Gathering will be at Chichen Itza.
They are about 130 miles apart. It seems possible to visit both.

Read ALL my posts on this subject: http://vandergreg.blogspot.com/search?q=mayan

The 2012 International Rainbow Gathering will be held in Palenque,
Mexico at the Mayan ruins for the entire month of December.
Posted by Rainbow Hawk: 11/28/2012 Scouting Report:
Sean C. Dowdeswell
I have some information to share for The Gathering of the Tribes: I ran into Joe and Eduardo today in Palenque, they passed me info to give to you all.
The scouts have a possible location decided about half hour from Palenque on a plantation? They are going there now to see if they can set up water pipes and if it will be a good fit for the rainbow.
If it will not be a good fit then they have another site I believe that will be the Bushila Falls area close to the Chiapas/Guatmala border. Nothing has been finalized yet. A couple more days and we should know an exact spot for the gathering.
When you arrive into Palenque, there are 2 locations that are good for your travellers feet to rest. the main area that Joe and Eduardo were saying that a group of rainbows are already staying is approximately 2 km down the road to the way to Palenque ruins and on the right is a red gate. This is a guys place called Jaguars. trade your labor for rest i believe is the case and stay with other rainbows.

EL Jaguar is inside the El Panchan complex next to the gate to enter the archeological park, go inside through don muchos restaurant, and behind a thicket of bamboo is the "front desk" entrance to this camping area .

The other area is El Jardins closer to the ruins.
Both of these places will have information but the first and foremost will be Jaguars place, at least to check out and see whats happening.
I hope this helps all and it will be a pleasure to see you all at the gathering.

Link to El Jardin:
"Our Garden of Eden is located beside the National Park and ancient Maya ruins
of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.
By foot or by car you can reach this sacred place of sharing,
remembering and living in tune with nature."

What IS a Rainbow Gathering? To me, it is Woodstock with Amateur Musicians and I am in the band.


Every 11 years the Sun's polararities fluxuate not physically but gravitationally, which sends off a " Coronal Mass Ejection", which many know as a solar storm, in a random direction usually towards planets with a greater mass.

This will be one of the most epic gatherings considering that on December 21st, 2012, the Sun, Earth, Saturn, and Jupiter will be allighned with our solar system directly in the center of the Milkyway Galaxy on one of those eleven years of the coronal mass ejection. Then causing a chain reaction overall projecting massive coronal shrapnel from the Sun directly towards the Earth, considering the mass of the allighnment. Theoretically speaking, in the center of each Galaxy, there is a black hole holding the material makeup of the Galaxy all together. Isn't that exciting. Solar storms create power outages and considering that the gathering will have none, or should have none, we'll be the most content of all, theoretically speaking.
There will be amazonian water falls, wild fruit trees, Mayan elders, and probably many other nomads alienated from the rainbow gathering that have migrated there out of curiosity of this prophisied phenomenon which will probably, like I said, be the most epic gathering in the history of old. And all who have read this , I sincerely encourage you to attend. - Rainbow Hawk.

Sources of more information:

The following Facebook page is becoming a "Rideboard" connecting people
interested in carpooling:

an interactive map is at:

Mayan Pyramids Gathering:
Two different events will be happening in December 2012.
Chichen Itza will host a
Harmonic Convergence honoring Jose Arguelles. (RIP).
It seemed a shame that Jose will not be able to attend the Event at the End of Time...
Yet, we know nothing about death...
He might attend as a SPIRIT.
THAT would be a treat for the Gatherers on 12/21/2012.
As one of the originators of the Earth Day concept, Arg├╝elles founded the first Whole Earth Festival in 1970, at Davis, California. He was most famous for his leading role in organizing the 1987 Harmonic Convergence event at Mount Shasta and for inventing the Dreamspell calendar, in which 1987 is the year one...
AND 2012 IS YEAR 25.

A traveler tells her story of visiting Chichen Itza at the link above.
A mystery of the "Bearded Man" Sculpture at the ball courts...
Mayan men do not have beards.
So she asks the question... Was the bearded man Jesus?

Palenque Mayan Ruins.
Ancient Mayan ruins. National Park.
N17 28 59.988 W92 2 60
The climate at Palenque is JUNGLE 
so be aware that jungle camping has challenges.
Nearby is Cascadas de Agua Azul.
A beautiful river with waterfalls. 

Chichen Itza.
Mayan Artwork


Synthesis 2012 Festival- A Mayan Calendar Celebration in Chichen Itza and Piste Pueblo

Welcome to the Synthesis 2012 festival, A global gathering, world music festival and spiritual celebration in Piste pueblo and Chichen Itza in the Yucatan. This 2012 festival will occur at the end of the Mayan Calendar on Dec 20th to 23rd this year. We will arrive on the 20th and participate in the global gathering on the Winter Solstice on the 21st. The Synthesis 2012 festival team is working directly with the local Mayan people, event producers in Mexico to produce this historical event.

Imagine yourself here at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan with the Mayans and thousands of others at the dawn of the new age and cycle this December.

I wonder if it would be possible to take a boat from New Orleans?
or would the best travel plan be to drive
from Brownsville, Texas...
Airplane travel seems very expensive... 
Passport Needed?

Villahermosa is the closest airport but may not be the cheapest. Cancun is a bit further away but it is a bit cheaper than Villahermosa, depending on who you fly with. [and close to Chitzen Itza]

Have fun at this and every Rainbow Gathering.

ALL my posts on this subject and many Pyramid inspired artworks: http://vandergreg.blogspot.com/search?q=mayan


Mariel Kvaale said...

It's not the end of time, but an end to several long time cycleses. And as always in nature: Death is the beginning of a new cycle, a new growth, a new consciousness.

greg vanderlaan said...

Most likely the BEGINNING of something wonderful. I see the global awakening of people and an end to Nations. The era of one Nation at War with another Nation seems outdated.

Richard Fry said...

I completely agree with you Greg. But people need the drama and sensationalism. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that what ever shift of consciousness happens the fruits of that shift are realised in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Come prepared to pick up rubbish, Camping is only permitted in Areas that have amenities (water, toilets, cooking areas) as no specific area has been organized or designated you may find it a smart idea to come early (like now or before dec) to find an affordable alternative to camping free in the jungle. Too many people can destroy fauna & top soil, not to mention drums chanting & doof doof permiating the jungle as noise pollution & causing undue stress on it's inhabitants, Monkey's, Birds, Parrots, dear etc. we are visitors to this community of jungle life. I can help secure some cheap camping for some Rainbow family feel free to contact me via facebook "Luis Flyer"

Anonymous said...

All of the Cabanas at Panchan & Mayabel are booked out for Dec 21 & the week before. there are a few other places similare & in walking distance from the Ruins and Panchan & they are filling up now everyday with new arrivals. add me in FaceBook "Luis Flyer" if your serious about being here in Dec & at the least want to secure a spot to Camp, that has a bathroom amenities. No dumping in the jungle, we have ninja throwing shit bombs from the trees for all who attempt to violate the jungle.

Anonymous said...

All of the Cabanas at Panchan & Mayabel are booked out for Dec 21 & the week before. there are a few other places similare & in walking distance from the Ruins and Panchan & they are filling up now everyday with new arrivals. add me in FaceBook "Luis Flyer" if your serious about being here in Dec & at the least want to secure a spot to Camp, that has a bathroom amenities. No dumping in the jungle, we have ninja throwing shit bombs from the trees for all who attempt to violate the jungle.

April Lavine said...

hey just wondering how camping works? can we just put up our tent anywhere?

also transportation wise, are there buses that lead close to it or whats our best route to get there and get out if we need to get back into the city?

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid some of you hippies will not care on iota, but the supposed "Mayan Calendar" depicted on the webpage is actually the Aztec sunstone they keep in Mexico City's anthropological museum these days.
But hey, who cares it's not the end of the world, right? Anytime's good for a celebration of life and Mohter Earth. See you all in Palenque!

Anonymous said...

hippies are cool, fresh and smelly. they ooze idleness. they wait for things to happen.they are a little off scent. they are sensitive in a insensitive world. they are humble and pained. searching for something. finding nothing but hair in dread locks, a tatoo on their arm and their tits out. they look at a bed and see a nest. a refriderator means nothing to them. candy and soda is avoided by some and revered by others. hippies can be found in any aisle by any counter, serving and suggesting ideas food or drugs in any place or time. at the heart of a hippy is a lifeless ordinary. they want to see color, rainbows and tits. they are tits. i love hippies. they try to find meaning in a very meaningless way. standing on their heads, or lighting their pant to light their hash pipe by the side of a donkey. hippies are the winners of a race where atlases take part. between their teeth bits of food that shows when they smile by a outdoor fire. they are lambs with flowers. hippies are like lightening. you see their faces in the sky. smiling down on you with inearth eyes. hippies lick things. hippies put carrots in snow and called it a snow hippy, hippy prefer trailers to backseats of suvs. they mock the banker. the bankers mock the hippy. the hippy glides by a banker, famished torn and lost. the banker sits and watches tasting souflee and sipping wine. dressed neatly not like oversizes pair of trousers on the head. a hippy thinks that all is all, in all, by all, for all. its a stoner in a football stadium. lsitening to the radio. supporting pepsi and alec balwin. i love hippies.

Anonymous said...

Millionaire wasters and drop-out leeches living in a fantasy land.

Have your party, hold hands, clap, dance and meditate and then try giving back everything you've stolen in the last few years.

Thieving bloody frauds

rapido said...

lyme disease has been confirmed at the site...ticks suck.

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