The candidates for President plan on spending a Billion Dollars on Advertising. Why not get rid of the entire election system and select who will be President on Facebook? Bernie Sanders is the Will of the People. Jim Webb is good too. Also, Elizabeth Warren may become Vice President...

UFO Ezekiel's Wheel, Wind Power Artwork and Rainbow Squiralism, Global Awakening

Sunset in Eureka, CA


Ezekiel's Wheel: UFO or Magic Mushroom?
Let's GO to Alpha Centauri
Space Exploration is our destiny.
Classic Squiralism

Bladeless Wind Power Invention
A totally new Idea about creating electricity from wind.
Phoenix Bird God
Phoenix Arising by gregvan
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Alien Spaceships visit the Pyramids.
Drumming at The Marimba Tent at 2004 Rainbow Gathering:
Click on above link to see all my Rainbow Gathering Pictures and read MyStory.
At Night, we projected colored lights from LED Flashlights on the Parachute to create a Psychedelic Lightshow that danced in time to the drumming.
Rainbow Squiral ROY G BIV
Rainbow Squiral ROY G BIV MUG by gregvan
Design printed mugs online at
Sunset in Eureka, CA
Visual Echo
More Art AT:
Flower Power
Remember that any Picture or Idea
Like, Share, Promote Positive Vibrations...
We are Approaching The Singularity
and by Inventing our own Future
The Opportunities are Remarkable.
Flower Power
Free the Leaf and the Flowering Buds
Pentagon Rainbow Bridge

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